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Comarch announced new research exploring the challenges faced by telco CTOs and CIOs when it comes to implementing new technologies.

The research found that senior IT decision-makers in the telecoms industry are primarily concerned with whether their companies were ready to implement these technologies, meet the challenges they represent, and capitalise on the opportunities they offer.

Comarch commissioned business intelligence firm Informa to poll its audience of C-suite and IT professionals to explore the subjects at the top of CTOs’ and CIOs’ worry lists, covering the IoT, assurance, and virtualisation, each of which is acknowledged as fundamental to underpinning the upcoming 5G. The research revealed that, while high importance was attached to each of these technologies, use cases and implementation approaches differed from company to company.

SOURCE – https://www.thefastmode.com/technology-and-solution-trends/13866-ctos-and-cios-losing-sleep-over-iot-ai-nfv-implementation-and-monetisation