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Application Development

We create from the ground up, applications that provide beautiful customer experiences.

We are skilled in the most current frameworks ensuring that we build apps for you that stand the test of time.

You Cannot Afford To Create Insecure & User Unfriendly Apps!

Applications have always, and will continue to drive enterprises with transformation, especially with the introduction of IoT. The IoT business market requires not just app skills but an understanding of how to unify apps together.

Traditional Authentication is High-Risk

Passwords Are A Weak Link For 

Authentication Needs to Change for 

Passwords Theft from Devices is Rising

Traditional Authentication Is Very 

Hackers Love Weak Password 

One-Time Passcodes Via SMS Are High 

Identity Management is Critical for

The Insider Threat is Growing Quickly

IOT Apps

Cloud & On-Premise

Agentless Solution

Transparent to Users

Comes FREE with PINgrid

Heuristic Scanning

Mobile Apps

No User Training Required

Secure Memorable Pattern

Low Cost & User Based

Proven & Patented

Scalability On-Demand

Web Apps

Replace Windows Logon

Integrate with VDI, RDP etc

Works 100% Offline Mode

No Impact to Security Mode

Free Licensing with PINgrid

Hybrid Apps

100% Eliminate Bad Actors

Prevent Social Engineering

Perfect for HelpDesks

FREE for PINgrid Customers

100% Call Cost Reduction

Cloudtexo Application Development Benefits:

  • Proven Expertise in Building Apps
  • Multi-Skilled Teams & Capabilities
  • Secure & Privacy Built By Design 
  • High Security Focused Development 
  • Proven Scaleability Built-By-Design
  • Web Focused Application Development
  • Integrate Apps for Any Cloud Platform
  • Skills in Multiple Application Frameworks
  • Experienced App Building Skills
  • Full Cycle Design & Development Services
  • Modern Standards For Secure Development
  • IoT Focused Application Development
  • Hire Your Own Dedicated Teams  
  • Simplistic to Full-On Engagement Models 
  • Focused On Apps For The Enterprise
  • Hybrid Focused Application Development 
  • Specialists For Financial Services

The Most Secure & Innovative App Development 

We go well beyond just building you apps, we help you create value through apps that are outstanding and deliver you experiences that quite frankly cannot be compared too.

The Best User Experience


Building apps for digital transformation always requires that  the end consumer must love the experience. Our apps are always built with the concept of the best UX possible.

Built for Digital Transformation


With real-world proven expertise, you get quality from the outset. No longer do you have spend time explaining your vision, our team help you to realise your vision instantly.

The Three Stages of Authentication


We build our apps with the highest grade security and always with the mindset of protecting your data. We do this as a standard procedure and this approach is the absolute way.

Cost Effective Per User Pricing


Building apps for IOT requires you to have vast knowledge of technology, app concepts & a true understanding of how this all pieces together. Our experience set’s us apart from others.

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We Build Apps for IOT That Include

Security-As-Standard (SaS)

When we build any app, our expert team is purposely trained to build security in with the first line of code.

Our Apps Are Fully Responsive for

Scaleability & Deliverability

If apps don’t scale, you’ll soon see your costs escalate and users unhappy. Rest assured, our apps always scale!

We Use Quantum Proof Encryption

That Cannot Be Broken

Existing encryption standards are not built for IoT. We use encryption that’s 95% better than today’s standards.

Our Development Best Practices

Strong, Modern & Just Right!

We find the most efficient way to create software because our team are experts in choosing the right methodology.

Modern & Proven Technologies

For All Of Your Applications

Our approach to development always uses proven & modern technologies that deliver you absolute maximum value.

Quality Matters The Most To Us

Giving You Peace Of Mind

We’re focused on clean code, ensuring minimum maintenance delivering to you 100% efficiency.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Let us help you find the perfect App Development Strategy

Call us on +44(0)207 127 9596 or let us call you back directly

Our App Building Benefits for Your Business

You’ve got everything you need to ensure you know who is accessing your corporate network, applications & data driven services.


Password Policy Agent

The Password Policy Agent (PPA) is purpose-built and takes a layered approach towards password analytics ensuring your user passwords meet your IT security policy.

To truly lower your IT risk, eradicating passwords is the best way forward. The PPA allows you to transition to a password-less environment without paying more.

With the ability to analyse every password through a combination of heuristic scanning, custom-blacklists and a rules engine, which is then matched against a Cloud based blacklist, you can ensure that users cannot set passwords that have known to be breached.


PINgrid delivers the finest next-generation authentication suited for Digital Transformation & IOT.

PINgrid uses the human minds hardwired ability to remember a pattern or shape which in-turn is then used to deliver a one-time passcode (OTP).

This proven, mature and ground-breaking approach to authentication will transform the way your users identify themselves when accessing any corporate service replacing the traditional high-risk password authentication mechanism.


The traditional 2 Factor approach to authenticating users has always been the “something you have” (a token) and the “something you have know” (a password/PIN).

However this is no longer suited for Digital Transformation or IOT due to the fact that "something you have" can be used by anybody "who has it" and the "something you know" can be stolen because you give it away to every time you log in

PINphrase allows you to set a phrase or question (something you have) for your users and enables them to enter a one-time code based on random characters (something you know) from your answer to the phrase/question.


PINpass provides a simple authentication method delivering one-time-passcodes via SMS/Text or email to any seperate device that can house the Authlogics Authenticator soft token.

PINpass is great for organisations that want to include a 100% OATH compliant security solution and comes free of charge as part of the Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication platform alongside PINgrid and PINphrase

Replacing traditional hardware tokens which come with major disadvantages, PINpass can be deployed to user owned mobile devices as well as other devices including the iPod Touch, Android Tablets or even purpose built tokens.

Device-less Authentication

By replacing the convenience of a password and the expense and requirement of a physical token, you can add authentication at multiple layers of your IT infrastructure by using PINgrid, device-less.

PINgrid can be embedded directly into a web page or a Cloud app and deliver authentication for scenarios where you want to completely eradicate passwords and lower your IT risk.

This allows you to ensure that regardless of the circumstance or your budget, a single authentication platform can be used to signficantly lower your risk by removing the weak password login options.

Today reputation is key and with businesses across every sector being targeted by malicious users or bad actors, Authlogics PINgrid has you covered.

Windows Desktop Logon Agent

The CTRL-ALT-DEL process has stood the test of time and has been used to log onto Windows Desktops & Servers for organisations. However this process can now be replaced with PINgrid removing the need for your users to logon with a passcode and by ensuring that this does not impact your IT security model.

By using this approach, you will gain multiple advantages beyond just removing the password field. Traditional Authentication alongside passwords is not very user friendly and not the most secure. By integrating PINgrid which also works offline, you can ensure that PINgrid is the de-facto standard for identity and authentication across every facet of your business.

Remote Desktop Agent

The Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is widely used across multiple businesses in a wide variety of sectors and brings with it many business benefits. The disadvantage however is that out-of-the-box, RDS uses form based authentication where the user has to enter their AD credentials including their username and password.

To meet your organisations security requirement based on your company policy, you should include PINgrid as your 2-factor authentication (2FA) method. This is critical especially when your users are accessing corporate resources remotely.

Authlogics Authentication Server

The Authlogics Authentication Server is built from the ground-up by security engineers ensuring that the best security practices are met without ever losing accountability, flexibility and delivered to be simple and easy to use.

The Authentication Server is secure and provides an administrator interface that enables and manages user authentication requests with user identity data stored in Active Directory (AD) and SQL Server.

It can work with web applications directly allowing your helpdesk team to provision and manage user accounts and allows your users to manage their own AD passwords and soft token enablement.

As the world move towards Cloud/Web Applications, the Authentication Server has a deep and flexible Web API for integration.

Authenticator Soft Token

The Authlogics Authenticator App is free of charge and supports multiple platforms including IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry & Amazon. This extensive coverage allows you to turn any mobile device or PC into a multi-factor token

The soft token takes your authentication to the next level because once its installed, the token does not require a data connection to the server giving you 100% offline capabilities.

The soft tokens work in harmony with the authentication server and generates NIST compliant one-time-passcodes (OTP) using PINgrid or PINpass. The apps are available in all major app stores as well as a standalone application for deployments to corporate desktops.

Two-Way Indentification

One of the biggest challenges for organisations today is impersonation of their internal teams trying to identify themselves to their customers over the phone. The reason being is that unless the person directly knows you, they is no full proof way for the business to prove who they say they are over the phone.

With the fast rise in bad-actors calling & impersonating themselves as legitimate users to unsuspecting customers or consumers, PINgrid and its service provider portal allows you to eliminate these malicious groups.

The Two-Way ID feature which is free for all PINgrid users can be applied to a call centres, helpdesk, customer service departments/teams and basically anywhere where your business may need to prove their identity to another users over the phone for access to a critical service.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Let us help you find the perfect App Development Strategy

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Bogdan Manea

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Cloudtexo is the true next generation IT Distributor that give us an enormous amount of value with a superb technology portfolio. They are the Europe’s best kept secret in IT Distribution. I thoroughly recommend you use them


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Charles Crenshaw

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