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Mobile Application Security 

Security & Risk Management leaders must limit the attack plain for mobile users especially when accessing corporate resources.

AppKnox, the leader for mobile application security, provides a plug & play mobile app risk management platform.

You Cannot Afford To Eliminate The Risks From Your Mobile Apps!

When you deploy a new mobile or cloud application it’s inevitable that your users will demand support. You must have a solution to support your users that is easy and device independent.

Offsite Training Is Not Business Friendly

Application Training Is Critical

Zero User App Training = Poor ROI

Productivity Decreases Without Training

Offsite Training Is Not Business Friendly

Offsite Training Is Not Business Friendly

Cloud Apps Need Regular User Training

Users Want To Learn On Their Devices

BYOD Use Cases Are Increasing Daily

AppKnox Benefits:

  • Proven Technology For App Developers
  • Low Cost SaaS Licensing Model For All
  • Full Support For Android & IOS App Packages
  • Unlimited Scans For All Applications 
  • Perfect for ISV’s & App Development Comps
  • The Ultimate Simplicity for App Admins
  • Simple 3-Step Upload, Scan, Report Process 
  • Mobile App Security Fully Automated
  • No Training Is Required For Usage
  • Ensure Compliance By Preventing Data Leaks
  • Top Rated By Gartner For Mobile App Security
  • Increase Productivity For App Development Teams
  • Faster Time To Market For Your Business Apps 
  • Ensure Global Compliance Incl PCI, GDPR, HIPPA
  • Eliminate Repetitive Testing For Developers
  • Detailed Reporting For Application Stakeholders
  • Simple Subscription Based Licensing For Everyone
  • Reduce Lengthy & Costly App Testing Budgets 

The Only Cost Effective Way To Secure Your Apps!

Whether you make mobile apps for customers or for your internal users, app security is becoming more prevalent and we’ve got your covered


Whether you are developing public or private apps, you need to follow the same security strategy that mitigates risk on both mobile platforms. AppKnox has you covered.


A security breach from your apps could cost your business in a number of ways. Brand reputation, good or bad, travels fast! Eliminate the risks which will benefit your business greatly. 


Testing apps for security flaw allows you to detect and neutralise any threats before they hit your relevant app stores. Simply upload, analyse, remediate every APK & IPA.


Manual testing is only as good as the tester themselves. The AppKnox platform allows you to automate the entire app testing process delivering instant value and lower risks.


It just keeps on getting better with Cloudtexo & AppKnox!

Three Stage Process For App Security Testing

Manual application testing is a lengthy process without the right tools.

Solve the problem easily in three steps, Upload, Analyse & Secure your app.

Privacy Protection & DLP For Your Apps

Compliance legislation like GDPR, HIPPA etc require data protection.

AppKnox eliminates leaky apps and ensure all app flaws are removed.

Ensure Security For All Mobile Banking Apps

Financial applications are fast replacing traditional services.

AppKnox protects your brand, your users, your data & your transactions!

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Scanning Your Apps Eliminates

Bugs & Security Risks

Whether you have apps in a public or private store, you’ll always be able to ensure that all risks will be removed.

Top Mobile App Security Vendor

By Leading Analyst Firm

Every remote support session is delivered with the highest grade security including TLS & 256-bit AES encryption.

Reporting On All Application Risks

For Stakeholders Is Critical

Your risk management strategy for mobile applications is a constant process and reporting is key to that process.

All Financial Services Apps Require

The Highest Level of Security

Financially driven businesses are delivering mobile apps to improve their services. Security is a pre-requisite. 

Every Apple IOS & Google Android

Risk Is Fully Neutralised

Ensure that every risk from your Ipa & Apk’s are always fully removed ensuring total security for your apps. 

Your Business Will Always Gain

Faster ROI’s In Multiple Areas

Increase productivity, ensure faster app releases and deliver quicker financial ROI’s without ever compromising security.

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