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Unified Endpoint Management 

AppTec is an emerging leader from Switzerland who provide the market leading Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform.

AppTec provides a single pane of glass allowing businesses to manage & secure endpoints (Android, IOS, MacOS & Windows)


You Cannot Afford Not To Include Enterprise Mobility Management!

Digitally transforming your business is no easy task and without a proper Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform you will seriously be in trouble. Mobile underpins digital transformation and is one of the key pillars for success.
Mobile Increases the Attack Plain
Without Mobile, You Cannot Digitise
Un-managed Endpoints Are An IT Risk
Protecting Data Is Critical for GDPR
Remote Access Isn’t Just Laptops
Consumerisation Is Key To Digital
BYOD Is Risky If Not Done Correctly
Apps Need Constant Updates & Fixes
File-Sharing Is Critical For Every User

AppTec Enterprise Mobile Manager

SaaS & On-Premise

Devices, Apps & Content

Simple & Easy-To-Use

Extremely Cost Effective

Unified Endpoint Mgmt

AppTec Enterprise Content Box

Enterprise File-Sync-Share

Private, Public & Hybrid

Integrated with EMM

Data Loss Prevention

Automated Installation

Enterprise Business Containers

Business & Personal

Enterprise Grade Security

Highest Level Encryption

Perfect for BYOD

Automated Installation

AppTec Enterprise Universal Gateway

Enterprise Email Security

Zero-Touch Authentication

Eliminate Identity Theft

2Factor Authentication

Free AppTec VPN

AppTec Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Platform Benefits:
  • Your Choice SaaS or On-Premise
  • Fully Functional FREE 25 Device License
  • Android Custom-Launcher 
  • Manage Unlimited Mobile Devices
  • Scale to Thousands of Devices Instantly
  • Secure-By-Design Architecture
  • Deploy Mobile & Web Apps Instantly
  • Deploy Your Own AppStore Catalogue
  • Mass Enrol Android & Apple Devices 
  • Secure User Experience for Every User
  • Deploy Devices & Apps Without An Apple ID
  • Perfect for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)
  • Deep Integration Of Apple VPP & DEP 
  • Full & Deep Integration of Android-For-Work
  • AppTec API Extender For Any Android Hardware
  • Integrated Remote Control For IT Support
  • Granular Role-Based Access Controls
  • Deep Integration of Samsung KNOX 
  • Simple Licensing With Low Cost Structure
  • Windows 10 Management & Security
  • MacOS Management & Security
  • Native UX Without Security Compromise
  • Lowest Cost UEM On Today’s Market

The Most Secure & Powerful Mobility Platform Ever!

The AppTec Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Platform delivers everything you need start to delivering a Secure Mobility strategy across your entire business!



The AppTec UEM Platform serves customers worldwide for Endpoint Management, Kiosks & Digital Signage and IOT. The platform is game-changing, scaleable & delivers 100% value.



The AppTec UEM platform is known for its high level of security and is exclusively developed with a Secure-by-Design architecture. AppTec’s core pillar is IT security.



The AppTec UEM platform is built with simplicity from the start. This ensures that you do not need any extensive training or masses of specialist skills to realise your endpoint strategy.



You can take the entire AppTec UEM platform for a single low-cost price, ensuring that every single endpoint, whatever its use, has the same critical functions simplifying IT operations.

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Reduce Your Business Risk with UEM

Unified Endpoint Management

Manage, secure & automate policies on every single endpoint ensuring safe & secure collaboration.


Single Pane of Glass for Managing All

Devices, Apps & Content 

Manage your entire endpoint infrastructure from a single easy-to-use console giving you full control & simplicity.


Mass Zero-Touch Endpoint Enrolment

for Apple, Android & Windows 

Mass enrol endpoints instantly OTA including Apple DEP, Android Zero-Touch, QR, NFC, Email & Serial/IMEI numbers.


Kiosks & AppTec Custom Launcher

for Every Tablet & Smartphone

You can lock down & secure devices for specific apps and functions giving users the ability to carry out specific tasks.


Seperate Business & Personal Data

for Bring-Your-Own-Device

Secure your endpoints, apps & data with Google’s Android for Enterprise, Samsung KNOX or User Enrolment from Apple.


Preserving The Native Experience

Without Sacrificing Security

AppTec ensures that every user gets the experience they deserve without IT worrying about the security trade-offs.


Lead The Way With Custom Built Devices

For Security & Productivity Gains 

The AppTec Custom Launcher allows you to provide a multi-app kiosk mode with your custom wallpaper and settings.


AppTec Content Box is File Sharing for

Data Security & Compliance

Not all file-sharing has to be in an untrusted public cloud. Make data available from your existing in-house storage.


Zero-Touch Authentication & 2FA

for Microsoft Exchange Server

Deliver the highest grade email security by only allowing your chosen devices to access Exchange password-less!


The All-In-One AppTec Ultimate Bundle

Delivering Value & Simplicity

The AppTec ultimate bundle for a single low-cost price gives you everything you need to mobilise your workforce.


Use Any Android Mobile Hardware

With The AppTec API Extender

If you need extra & essential hardware capabilities for your chosen devices, the API Extender delivers maximum value.


The AppTec Custom Browser Delivers

Increased Productivity & Security

Configure, control and secure the workforce browsing experience over the in-built AppTec VPN & Browser.

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AppTec Features & Benefits for Your Business

You’ve got everything you need with the Enterprise Mobility Management Suite


AppTec Workspace

The Workspace delivers a single encrypted mobile app that allows you to access all your corporate information securely. The workspace gives you email, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, camera, documents, all corporate files and all your corporate apps (incl Office365)

AppTec EMM enables the Workspace directly from the console, where all configuration and corporate policies are setup & managed. This deep level of management enables businesses to avoid using point-based products and allows you to adhere to compliance laws like GDPR, HIPPA etc

The workspace ensures your data security by not allowing apps on the outside of the workspace (i.e. WhatsApp etc) to sync with any of your corporate apps and information inside the workspace.

AppTec Content Box

Enterprise File-Sync-Share (EFSS) is an absolute critical requirement for businesses who want users to be able to share business information including files, folders and sensitive data with users across mobile devices.

AppTec Content Box is managed from EMM directly eliminating the need for expensive point-based products and any storage back-end can be connected rather than having to choose an un-compliant public storage platform.

With the introduction of the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and other existing compliance legislation like HIPAA, AppTec Content Box is the leading solution for data security.

GDPR is legislation that is focused on the privacy of data and Content Box allows IT departments to make data available to users across endpoints with permissions ensuring privacy is met.

Mail Gateway

Users can directly connect to your Microsoft Exchange server only from a managed device that is enabled by your IT team without ever needing to enter a password.

By taking advantage of a “Zero-Touch Authentication” process, users never know there password eliminating malicious attackers from stealing their credentials and using an unknown device to hack into your email account and steal sensitive and critical business information.

The device itself is used a 2-factor authentication (2FA) method eliminating the need for expensive 2FA products enabling another layer of essential mobile security.

Android Customisation

AppTec’s Custom-Launcher allows you to deliver a fully customisable Android Skin for Android Smartphones & Tablets. This option gives you the ability to deliver a custom corporate device to your users with your only the apps and function that you want them to have.

These could include a custom background, device policies as well as a custom settings button allowing them to control only the functions of the device relevant to them and their job role including WiFi, Volume, Brightness settings etc but taking away functions not required like the ability to setup user accounts, email etc.


The AppTec suite is created with a Secure-By-Design architecture that is easy to implement and administer. Every feature and function is built with security in mind and this approach ensures that organisations are deploying the best solution when it comes to protecting mobile users and devices.

User Experience

AppTec have truly delivered a exclusive user experience for both the user with the device and the administrator managing the environment. This dual approach sets AppTec apart from other solutions and clearly shows why users rate AppTec as the leading mobility management platform in the market.

Apple Volume Purchase Programme (VPP)

VPP allows organisations to bulk purchase paid & free mobile applications and distribute those apps directly to user devices direct from the AppTec console.

When your users no longer require the apps, they automatically flow back into the VPP pool ready for re-distribution to other users and devices. VPP exclusively provides mobile software asset-management.

Apple Device Enrolment Programme (DEP)

DEP allows organisations to fully streamline the enrolment of corporate-owned devices on a mass scale with a zero-touch configuration. This can all be done wirelessly rather than using the traditional frustrating approach with Apple Configurator.

Organisations do not even have to open the box for the device because as soon as the device is switched on, DEP and AppTec combined enable the user’s device to gain the configuration that has been provided by the administrator without any involvement from the user elimination any enrolment problems.

Android OS

The Android Operating System (OS) is the world’s most widely deployed OS and is found on many manufacturers devices including Samsung, Motorola, Google Nexus, HTC, LG, Sony, OnePlus One to name a few. AppTec fully supports the Android OS across the multitude of devices in the market.

Android for Work

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) or Choose-Your-Own-Device (COYD) initiatives are being undertaken by many businesses and Android for Work allows you to create “Work Profiles” to separate business and personal applications and data so they are never shared between the two.

AppTec have partnered with Google and have developed a deeply integrated solution for Android for Work that allows AppTec customers to deploy on mass Android devices with simplicity and ease.

Samsung SAFE

Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) deliver an extended set of APIs allowing for granular control of security and management of Samsung devices that set it apart from other Android manufacturers.

Samsung SAFE & AppTec deliver extended security and management capabilities that enable businesses to deploy devices at scale ensuring that they meet enterprise requirements and meet compliance standards.

Samsung KNOX

While Android for Work allows for the separation of applications and data across the Android OS, Samsung KNOX adds another layer of security and extends this by applying enterprise-grade security to the hardware.

AppTec & Samsung combined allow organisations to manage Samsung smartphones and tablets while ensuring that these devices have deep layers of security from the hardware directly to the software layer.

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“We work very closely with Cloudtexo & we are very happy with the fantastic service they deliver to our team”


Bogdan Manea

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Cloudtexo is the true next generation IT Distributor that give us an enormous amount of value with a superb technology portfolio. They are the Europe’s best kept secret in IT Distribution. I thoroughly recommend you use them


Andrew Payne

(Director, Edentec IT & Communications)

Having achieved significant international growth year-after-year, we are delighted we made the correct decision choosing a distributor who understand the market and are truly focused on Mobile & Security


Sahin Tugcular

(CEO, AppTec360 GmbH)

“Friendly & knowledgeable distributors of cutting-edge Mobile & Cybersecurity technology. An absolute pleasure to work with.”


Mark Tinder

(Network Administrator, Benjamin Steel)

Cloudtexo deliver cost-effective enterprise-grade Mobile & Cybersecurity products that our highly-regulated customers continue to purchase. We’d happily continue to recommend their portfolio to our customers


Elwin Jepson

(Director, ComTeam IT Solutions)

“We worked with the Cloudtexo team for an internal mobility project. Their knowledge coupled with the first class service we received was outstanding. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to any other business undertaking a mobility project”


Charles Crenshaw

(VP, Field Service, Flogistix)