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Over 19,000 Orange modems are leaking WiFi credentials

Over the weekend, a security researcher has discovered that nearly 19,500 Orange Livebox ADSL modems are leaking WiFi credentials.

Troy Mursch, co-founder of Bad Packets LLC, says his company’s honeypots have detected at least one threat actor scanning heavily for Orange modems. Scans started Friday, December 21, Mursch said.

The attacker is exploiting a vulnerability affecting Orange LiveBox devices (CVE-2018-20377) that was first described in 2012. The vulnerability allows a remote attacker to obtain the WiFi password and network ID (SSID) for the modem’s internal WiFi network just by accessing the modem’s get_getnetworkconf.cgi.

READ MORE AT SOURCE – https://www.zdnet.com/article/over-19000-orange-modems-are-leaking-wifi-credentials/

IoT and asset management: turning challenge into opportunity

Every business faces at least a few unique challenges, and it’s no different when it comes to incorporating the internet of things (IoT) and connecting your assets. But you don’t need some grand strategic vision to get started – as we say at Tele2 IoT, crawl, walk, run – every journey begins with a single step.

Saving money, and time, is the bottom line for any business, but while tracking your physical assets – vehicles, equipment, animals, or IT devices, for example – helps you pinpoint where they are at any given moment, managing them means receiving vital information about, among other things, usage, maintenance, calibration and security.

SOURCE – https://www.business-reporter.co.uk/2018/12/13/iot-and-asset-management-turning-challenge-into-opportunity/#gsc.tab=0

CTOs and CIOs Losing Sleep Over IoT, AI, NFV Implementation and Monetisation

Comarch announced new research exploring the challenges faced by telco CTOs and CIOs when it comes to implementing new technologies.

The research found that senior IT decision-makers in the telecoms industry are primarily concerned with whether their companies were ready to implement these technologies, meet the challenges they represent, and capitalise on the opportunities they offer.

Comarch commissioned business intelligence firm Informa to poll its audience of C-suite and IT professionals to explore the subjects at the top of CTOs’ and CIOs’ worry lists, covering the IoT, assurance, and virtualisation, each of which is acknowledged as fundamental to underpinning the upcoming 5G. The research revealed that, while high importance was attached to each of these technologies, use cases and implementation approaches differed from company to company.

SOURCE – https://www.thefastmode.com/technology-and-solution-trends/13866-ctos-and-cios-losing-sleep-over-iot-ai-nfv-implementation-and-monetisation

Mobile device security in healthcare must become a priority

Today it would be hard to find someone in healthcare not using a smartphone or mobile device regularly. While a significant amount of usage is for personal use, there has been a steady increase in using mobile devices to access hospital and patient data. As a result of this increase, hospital IT departments are seeing a significant need to modernize their security practices in order to protect the new attack surface. But as mobile device security in healthcare becomes more of a priority, hackers and other cybercriminals are accelerating their attacks and attempts to compromise those devices.

SOURCE – https://searchhealthit.techtarget.com/tip/Mobile-device-security-in-healthcare-must-become-a-priority

Making The Grade: Is Apple’s K-12 device management strategy wrong?

When an award just walks-in through the door, without knocking, that moment of exultation is rare. Such humble testament helps release the dopamine, to seek further on the road to success and glory. Doesn’t matter how coarse the path is! Especially when you are operating in an ever evolving and competitive landscape like the technology sector. Last night, team Lavelle Networks felt enthralled on being declared, one among the top 50 Start-Ups in India.

Organised by Smart CEO in partnership with Facebook, the 4th edition of Startup50 Conference and Awards focused on recognizing top 50 promising startups of India in various sectors – including technology, healthcare, financial services, consumer, retail etc.

SOURCE – https://9to5mac.com/2018/09/29/apple-device-management-in-k-12/