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Mobile Threat Defence (MTD)

Security & Risk Management leaders must include mobile threat defence to mitigate risks for every mobility project.

Better Mobile Security, the leader for MTD, provides a mobile risk management solution that delivers the highest level of security.

You Cannot Afford Not To Protect & Defend Your Mobile Users!

Mobile devices are a significant risk for the enterprise especially for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) projects. Mobile users should be protected at all times from any location with Mobile Threat Defence.

Mobiles Are a High Risk For Businesses
BYOD Increases Risk If Not Done Right
Device Protection Needs 24/7 Coverage
Mobile Malware Has Grown 100% Yearly
Mobile Vulnerabilities Are Growing Fast
Vulnerable Devices Creates Huge Risks
Mobile Affects Risk & Compliance 
UEM Cannot Totally Defend Endpoints
Industrial IoT Requires Mobile Security
Better Mobile Security
Better Mobile Security Benefits:
  • Lowest Cost Mobile Threat Defence Product
  • Fully Block All Phishing Attacks On Mobile
  • Centralised SaaS Management Platform
  • Mitigate Security Risks for Every Device 
  • Identify Malicious Apps In Real-time 
  • Monitor Every OS & Kernel Level Attacks
  • Lightweight DLP Capabilities For Leaky Apps
  • Block Device & Network Threats Via UEM
  • Consumes Very Little Device Battery (5%)
  • Use With &/or Without UEM/MDM/EMM
  • Detection, Prevention, Remediation
  • Perfect For All Mobility Projects (BYO/COPE)
  • Integration Into Enterprise Ready SIEM Tools 
  • Direct Integration With ServiceNow ITSM
  • Simply Prevent False Base Attacks 
  • Simple Deployment Via App or Custom SDK
  • Pre-Requisite for Compliance Laws
  • Cloud & On-Premises For Deployment
  • Integration Into InTune, MobileIron, AirWatch
  • AI & Machine Learning For Risk Management

You’ll Protect Every Mobile Device On Every Network

Threats Can No Longer Be Ignored With Mobile Malware, Malicious Apps & Phishing Growing 100% Year-over-Year (YoY). Let Us Help You Remove Your Mobile Risks


Mobile Phishing attacks are significantly rising and is causing  massive risk for mobile users worldwide. Better Mobile can block phishing attacks in real-time, on any browser & channel.

Mobile Next-Generation Firewall


VPN’s & proxy based solutions for mobile inhibit the user experience (UX). Better Mobile uses continuous on-device security which is perfect for UX but keeps you 100% secure.

Risk Management


Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) alone cannot eliminate all the risks that mobile adds to your business. Better Mobile Security eliminates risks with or without an UEM platform.

Scaleable Platform


Better Mobile Security is deployed in the largest enterprises worldwide while also known to be the largest MTD deployments today. Deploy in seconds with zero-touch.

It just keeps on getting better with Cloudtexo & Better Mobile Security!
Lower Insurance

Low IT Risk = Low Insurance Premium

Business Insurance in today’s world of cyber threats is more relevant than ever. Lowering your mobile risk will 100% lower your business insurance.
Eliminate Mobile Phishing

Stop Mobile Phishing And Lower Your IT Risk

The growth of phishing which is the number 1 threat to your business must be eliminated. Your in control with the ability to block all channels of access.

No Battery Consumption

Security That Doesn't Drain Your Battery

Third-party apps annoy users because of battery draining. Better Mobile uses the bare minimum resources while giving you the best mobile security.

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Unified Endpoint Management

Cannot Lower Risk Alone

If you use an UEM platform, you can use Better Mobile but even if you don’t, Mobile Threat Defence has you covered.

Unified Endpoint Management

Rated By Gartner Analyst Group

Leader for Mobile Security

Better Mobile and its renowned solution is seen as a leader for Mobile Threat Defence & security with Gartner analyst group.


Eliminate Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

Without Breaking a Sweat

Automated protection from communication attacks giving you peace of mind that eavesdropping is eliminated.

Eliminate Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

Completely Limit Your Mobile Risk

Within Industrial Businesses

Make sure that devices used within industrial sectors do not cause downtime for mission-critical industrial systems.

Mobile Threat Defence

Protect Your Roaming Mobile Users

Of False Base Station Attacks

False-base station attacks are rising worldwide. Ensure mobile users are protected with Mobile Threat Defence.

False Base Station Protection

Make Sure that You Are Protected

From Apps That Leak Data

Not all apps are equal and we can help you eliminate the risky malicious apps that leak your business sensitive data. 

Mobile Data Protection

Enterprise IT Service Management

Leader Direct Integration 

With the leader for ITSM being fully integrated within the Better Mobile platform, you have removed more complexity.

SIEM Reporting

Rogue WiFi & Access Points Risks

Is Bad For All Mobile Users

Eavesdropping on network traffic is a major risk for users on public infrastructure. Mobile Threat Defence will stop that risk.

WiFi Protection

Security Info & Event Management

(SIEM) Multi-Vendor Support 

Plug into a wide variety of SIEM platforms including HP, Splunk, Arcsight, Qradar, LogRhythm, API & Syslog.

SIEM Reporting

Automate Actions Based On Risk

Protecting Your Business

You can enforce automated actions to be carried out if devices are compromised or threats are found that are deemed a risk.

WiFi Protection

Constant Risk Analysis Collection

With Ai & Machine Learning 

Build out your continuous risk analysis by using Ai & Machine Learning delivering constant protection 24/7/365/ 

SIEM Reporting

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