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Hybrid Microsoft Enterprise 

Office365 allows organisations to centralise data and deliver collaborative experiences across the Hybrid Enterprise.

Cayosoft Administrator allows you to Manage, Secure & Automate the entire Microsoft Enterprise from a single console.

Moving to Microsoft Office365 Increases Complexity & Costs!

Traditional Active Directory & Exchange Tools were not built for Digital Transformation. Moving to Office365 add multiple layers of complexity for the enterprise, significantly raises costs and increases IT and business risks.
Multiple Consoles Creates Complexity
Security Risks Increases With Hybrid
Hybrid Breaks Existing IT Compliance
IT Admins Workload Increases Instantly
Hybrid IT Breaks Secure Delegation
AD & Exchange Are Still High IT Risks
GDPR Creates Needs for Hybrid Tools
Automation Is a Critical for Hybrid
SAM Is a Pre-Requisite for Hybrid IT

Simplified Hybrid Management

Seamless Tasks for Admins

Eliminate Scripts/ADSI Edits

No Extra Servers/Sync Eng

Azure AD/ADFS Integrated

Single Security Model

One Portal & One Search

Hybrid User/Group Self-Service

Maintain Compliance 24/7

Automate User Creation

Automate User Removal

AD/Exchange & O365 Groups

Update from HR/ERP/SIS

Exact Membership Rules

Office365 License Management

Automate License Delivery

Avoid Data Loss & Access

Reduce Licensing Costs

Drive Office365 Adoption

Assist Back-Billing & ROI

Billing Reports & ROI

Hybrid Helpdesk & Self-Service (SS)

Unify Helpdesk & SS

Broad Self-Service Functions

SS Available 24/7/365

Role Based Access Control

Direct Report Management

Lighten Helpdesk Workload

Cayosoft Administrator For Hybrid Benefits:
  • Exclusive & FREE Reporting & Analytics
  • Unified Console for On-Premise & Cloud
  • Supports AD, Exchange, Office365, S4B
  • Zero-Scripting Required for IT Admins
  • Scale to Thousands of Users On-Demand
  • De-Provision Inactive & Obselete Users
  • Policy Engine for User & Group Compliance
  • Enforce IT Policy for Security & Reduce Risk
  • Eliminate Manual Error Prone IT Operations
  • Enforce Least-Privileged Admin Permission
  • Eliminate Insider Threat with Role-Based Access
  • Granular SAM & License Management 
  • Deliver Instant ROI for Every Deployment 
  • Enforce Enterprise Best Practices for IT
  • Sustain Compliance & Governance Policies
  • Improve Self-Service Password Management
  • Control Privacy On-Demand for GDPR
  • Simple & Affordable Pricing for Every Business

Simplify Your Microsoft Hybrid Enterprise Today!

Whether you want to manage Microsoft Office365, your On-Premise Infrastructure or both, Cayosoft simplifies and secures the whole process


Cayosoft Administrator allows you to manage, secure & automate your On-Premise (AD/Exchange) &/or Office365 solution from it’s single unified console!


Cayosoft Administrator was built from the ground-up and is proven to scale . Your legacy tools were not built for to assist you in digitizing your IT infrastructure.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect every business trading in the EU. Cayosoft’s automation capabilities allows you to comply with Office365 & GDPR combined.


Whether its preperation or cleanup for hybrid, an audit or assessment, cloud & licensing visibility, On-Premise & Hybrid or just Cloud, only data helps you make the right choices.

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There Is Only One Way To Manage The

Hybrid Microsoft Enterprise

Cayosoft Administrator allows you to secure, manage & automate your hybrid infrastructure from one console.

Lifecycle License Management & SAM

For On-Premise & Office365

Licensing with subscription based services is critical pre & post migration to ensure you save money at all times.

General Data Protection Regulation

is critical for all businesses

Protecting data and managing privacy is key to GDPR. Automation and Security from Cayosoft make that happen.

Security Policy Enforcement &

Automated User Provisioning

No need to write scripts or enforce actions for users because Cayosoft Automation does all of it in a few clicks. 

Eliminate Reliance on Powershell

& Complex Scripting Skills

Digitizing infrastructure requires tools, not scripts. Cayosoft eliminates the needs for complex & risky scripts.

Reduce Admininstrative Burden &

Improve Your IT Efficiency

Cayosoft will definitely help you reduce repetitive tasks up-to 80% and increase your IT efficiency pre & post migration.

Still can’t find what you are looking for?

Let us help you with your Office365 strategy!

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Cayosoft Features & Benefits for Your Business

You’ve got everything you need to ensure you know who is accessing your corporate network, applications & data driven services.

Now you’ve got this far, you’ve got to let us help you with your Office365 strategy!

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