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Application Data Recovery 

Cloud & Mobile applications are key ingredients of every digital transformation project.

CloudAlly provide granular cloud-to-cloud backup of applications enabling businesses to recover data on-demand.

Have You Considered Backup & Recovery For Your Mobile Apps!

Digital transformation projects are often included with Office365, G-Suite, SalesForce & other critical business apps as the key driver. However Cloud Backup for compliance & data recovery are in most cases not included. 

Recover Deleted Files For Compliance
Backups Are Not Included With Apps
IT Requires Granular Recovery of Data
Protecting Data Is Critical for GDPR
Disasters Also Impact Mobile Users
Ensure Deletion of Data for GDPR
BYOD Data Security Is Risky
IT Needs Central Data Recovery 
File-Sharing Is Critical For Every User

Office365 Exchange GSuite/GoogleApps

Critical Backup & Recovery

Ensure Business Continuity

Simple & Easy-To-Use

Agent-less Solution

Perfect Alongside UEM

SharePoint, Box & OneDrive Backup

Enterprise File-Sync-Share

Search & Restore All Data

Download Entire Site Data

Compatible With All Plans

One-Click Data Restore

Salesforce CRM Backup

Backup Organisational Data

Backup Daily Metadata

Backup Chatter Feeds

Export Data On-Demand

Centralise Salesforce Data

IMAP Email Backup & AWS Dynamo

Backup IMAP Email Servers

Restore Any Point In Time

Backup Different Regions

Backup Tables & Domains

Recover Entire Databases

CloudAlly Backup & Recovery Benefits:
  • You Choose Where To Store Your Data
  • Fully Functional 24/7/365 SaaS Service 
  • Utilises Amazon S3 Low Cost Storage 
  • Totally Unlimited Archiving For Life
  • Auto-Detect Users Instantly For Simplicity
  • Secure & Encrypted Backups (AES 256)
  • Global Standards ISO 27001 & HIPAA
  • Complements Office365 & G-Suite
  • Completely Agentless Solution 
  • Deploy Business Apps Without Worry
  • Perfect for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)
  • Eliminate Single Points of Failure for Recovery
  • Ensure GDPR Compliance Standards Are Met
  • Recover All App Data for Full Disaster Recovery
  • Recover Data for All Salesforce Users 
  • IMAP & Amazon Dynamo Backup & Recovery 
  • Simple User Subscription Licensing Model 

The Best Backup & Recovery For Your Mobile Apps!

Heterogeneous Cloud-to-Cloud backup & recovery for every user when required, instantly! 

Heterogeneous Backup & Recovery


Use a single centralised solution to backup & recover any data from your mobile apps including Office365, Google G-Suite, SharePoint, OneDrive, Box & even IMAP email servers.
Protect & Recover Data


You may need to recover your mailboxes for a number of reasons including compliance, ransomware attacks, data corruption. CloudAlly lets you recover them instantly.
Choose Where Data Is Stored


You get to choose what location in Amazon you want to store your backups giving you total control. You are then in an position to always maintain compliance including GDPR.
Unlimited Archiving


With a simple per user cost, you do not need to worry about on-going costs of archiving your data. As long as your service is in valid subscription, you can retrieve your data anytime.

Can’t find what you are looking for?
Let us help you find the right Backup & Recovery Strategy!

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Recover Deleted or Corruption of

Office365 Apps For Users

Office365 lacks the daily backup & archiving capabilties that businesses require after data has been deleted.

Google Apps For Business

Manage Multiple Domains & Recover

Google Data For Every User

Keep your entire history for all apps within G-Suite giving you the option to recover your daily & archived anytime.

European Union

General Data Privacy Regulation, GDPR

Equals New Privacy Standards

Being able to centralise your backups for mobile apps, you’ll be able to stay fully compliant with GDPR.

Mobile Ransomware & Malware

Ransomware & Malware Disruption

& CyberSecurity Breaches

When your users need to recover mobile data due to a Cyber breach, then CloudAlly has you covered.

Amazon Web Services

Best Practices & Choice Combined

Gives You Major Advantages  

You choose what location to store your data in Amazon (EU, US & Aus) away from Azure & Google Cloud platforms.

BYOD Data Recovery

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Needs

Data Recovery For Compliance

Being able to recover data even for BYOD projects allows you to roll out mobility within your business with ease.

SharePoint Online & OneDrive

Cloud-Based Collaboration & Sharing

Requires Granular Recovery

Recover every SharePoint & OneDrive data over 30 days ensuring you have access to critical data anytime.

Disaster Recovery

The Ultimate Recovery for Disasters

Beyond The Control Of IT

Recover from a disaster ensuring that no matter the circumstance, you can recover mobile app data instantly.

Can’t find what you are looking for?
Let us help you find the right Backup & Recovery Strategy!

Call us on +44(0)207 127 9596 or let us call you back directly


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