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Custom Made Mobile Devices 

We manufacture enterprise ready custom mobile devices for Android & Windows built to your exact specification at scale.

Every device is built with a hardened custom ROM built for you with a deeply integrated, thoroughly tested software layer.

Consumer Devices Are Increasing Your Enterprise Risk!

Mobilising your workforce is now the number 1 initiative for organisations looking to digitally transform their businesses. It’s a difficult task to achieve especially when devices are limited in security, not enterprise ready and expensive.
Consumer Devices Are Expensive
Consumer Devices Built With Bloatware
Consumer Devices Carry Massive Risks
Consumer Devices Lack Major Security
Consumer Hardware Is Often Limited
Consumer Devices Are Over-featured
Kiosks Really Require Custom Devices
Android Ecosystem Is Fragmented
Devices Need To Meet Compliance Law
Custom Device Benefits:
  • Built Exactly To Your Chosen Specification
  • Guaranteed Firmware & OS Updates
  • Custom Built For Exact Use Cases & Sectors 
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning for Custom Devices
  • Fast Build Thousands of Devices On-Demand
  • Guaranteed Secure-By-Design Software
  • Deploy Devices With No Carrier Apps
  • Security Patches Guaranteed for Devices
  • Rugged & Semi-Rugged For Industrial Sectors
  • In-Built AppTec UEM Solution (UEM)
  • In-Built Remote Control To Support Users 
  • In-Built API Extender For Extra Functions 
  • Deploy Your Own Preferred Configurations
  • Flash Apps In OS For Fast Project Completion
  • Kiosk Devices For Multiple Sectors 
  • Extended Shelf Life Of Devices
  • Only Pay For Features & Specs You Need
  • Lower Cost Devices Than Off-The-Shelf 

Build-Your-Own-Devices For Your Mobile Workforce

If you use case is to provide your users with single-task devices for specific applications, then Custom Devices made just the way you want, are perfect for you!
Custom Firmware


As we build the exact firmware on any version of Android that you choose, we can always roll out updates OTA without you being restricted to any limited functions or lesser security.



We manufacture devices from the ground-up (hardware & software integration), custom brand them, and then ship them to you directly in a short time anywhere in the world.



We work closely with Google experts and our team deliver regular & critical security updates pre & post device sale. All of our devices are hardened, secure & absolutely enterprise ready.

Budget Friendly


All of our devices are delivered at a cost that suits your budget. They are never over-featured or over-priced. You only pay for devices with the spec you need for your exact business needs.

It just keeps on getting better with Cloudtexo & our Custom Made Devices!
Specific Manufacturing

100% Manufactured Specifically For You

Consumer devices come with many critical IT, security & business risks. 

Building your own device will remove the risks & provide you instant value.

Android OS

Built With The World's Most Popular OS

Standard devices are built with their own propriety skin on top of the OS.

We build devices with stock Android giving you the best & secure UX.

Built To Your Exact Size

Size Does Not Matter So You Choose

Why should you be limited to using specific devices based on size only.

We build the Android experience across any size device (4″-55″).

Can’t find what you are looking for?
Let us help you with your mobile hardware strategy!

Call us on +44(0)207 127 9596 or let us call you back directly

Pre-Installed With AppTec UEM for

Mass Deployment & Security

With AppTec UEM integrated into the device core, you can provide instant automated management & security.

AppTec360 Number 1

Our Devices Are Built For Mass

Zero-Touch Enrolment

All devices have in-built zero-touch provisioning which allow for a smooth deployment as part of enterprise enrolment.

Zero-Touch Enrolment

Multiple Use Cases & Sectors Require

Different Size Devices & Apps

We pre-install your business apps into any sized device which is hardened & secure regardless of the use case.

Multiple Use Case Devices

We Can Custom Brand Every Device

& We Use The Best Hardware

We use the best hardware components and give you custom branded devices ensuring we meet your business needs.

Custom Hardware

Providing Top Quality Solutions by

Following Global Standards

Our commitment to providing top quality products to our customers is validated by our ISO9001/2015 certification.

ISO9001/2015 certification

All Cables, Mounts, Docks & Carts

Available For Every Device

We not only provide the devices but we also provide the neccesary accessories to support your deployments.

Cables, Mounts and Docks

Mobilise Legacy Apps & IoT Apps

With Custom Devices

We build Windows devices for either legacy apps or for Windows 10 IoT Core & Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

Windows 10 IoT Core

API Extender Capability Functions

Available For Every Device

If you need to add specific functionality to devices, then we can give you this option that consumer devices cannot.

API Extender

Still can’t find what you are looking for?
Let us help you with your mobile hardware strategy!

Call us on +44(0)207 127 9596 or let us call you back directly


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Charles Crenshaw

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