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Unbreakable OT Protection

The perfect plug & play operational technology (OT) appliance allows you to protect your industrial assets instantly.

Enigmedia’s Mercury allows you to protect your OT without changing network architecture, configurations or IP addresses


You Cannot Afford Not To Protect Your Operational Technology (OT)!

Operational technology is used in businesses in a range of sectors where downtime leads to loss of services, money and jobs amongst other things. Today you need a new standard to ensure OT is always secure.

OT is riddled with vulnerabilities

IT Security Cannot Be Applied To OT

Downtime Is Not Possible For OT

Downtime Costs Are £20,000 Per Min

Critical Industrial Assets Are Targets

Software Agents Are Not For SCADA

Compliance Is Critical for IIoT

Supply Disruptions Costs Organisations

Industrial IoT Requires New Security
Enigmedia Mercury Benefits:
  • Simple, Plug & Play OT Protect Appliances
  • Protect Every Old & New OT Technology 
  • Centralised Management for Appliances
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning for Appliances
  • Scale to Thousands of Appliances Instantly
  • No Changes Required For Install To Network
  • Proprietary Encryption Built for IoT & IIoT
  • Ensure OT Protection 24/7/365
  • Zero-Downtime for Operational Technology
  • Certified by Schneider Electric For Security
  • Exclusively Built for Operational Technology (OT)
  • Works Across Any Network Including Mobile
  • Installation in Minutes Rather Than Hours or Days
  • Meet The CyberSecurity Standard IEC-62443
  • Simplify The Entire OT Protection Process 
  • Replace Unnecessary Risky IT Technology 
  • Purpose Built for the Industrial Internet-of-Things
  • 95% More Efficient Than Today’s Encryption
  • Delivers CyberSecurity For Every Industrial Business

Ensure You Meet CyberSecurity Standard IEC-62443

If you are an industrial customer, then we have the only solution that can help you remain compliant, ensure you have no downtime and works across any network for your operational technology


IEC-62443 is the worldwide cybersecurity standard for industrial control systems. Mercury solves this compliance standard and ensures that you are fully compliant 24/7/365.


Mercury is plug & play and requires no changes to any network configuration, network architecture and without changing any IP address. Start securing your assets instantly.


You cannot apply IT security techniques to operational technology, so you need a completely new product that actually solves the problem. Welcome to Mercury!


The cost of downtime to an industrial business equates to an average of £20,000 per minute. Mercury prevents these extortionate figures from ever impacting your business. 


It just keeps on getting better with Cloudtexo & Enigmedia Mercury!

Stop Cyber Attacks On Operational Technology

Stopping cyber attacks against your operational technology is now easy.

Mercury is purpose built to protect all of your old & new industrial assets.

Zero-Downtime of Critical Industrial Assets

Downtime of critical assets is a not a consideration for industrial enterprises.

Mercury is purpose built to ensure downtime for OT is a thing of the past.

No Changes To OT Network Configurations

Changing existing operating technology (OT) network settings is not possible. 

Mercury is deployed with full security without modifying a single IP address.

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Worldwide Certification Standard

For CyberSecurity IEC-62443

Mercury is fully certified by Schneider Electric for meeting the worldwide CyberSecurity standard IEC-62443.

Industrial Enterprises Are High Risk

From Cyber Attacks Every Day

Operational technology (OT) cannot be protected by using information technology (IT) techniques. Mercury changes that.

Centrally Manage Mercury Appliances

From a Secure Web Console

Manage all Mercury appliances via simple all-in-one secure console giving you the ultimate management platform.

Mercury IIoT Hardware Appliances

Are Built On Certified Dell Kit

Enigmedia & Dell have partnered to deliver purpose built industrial products that deliver to you maximum value.

Encryption Which is 95% More Efficient

Than Today’s Current Standard

Enigmedia’s propriety encryption is perfect for IoT because its runs on any device without any impact on performance.

Critical National Infrastructure Needs

Always-On Protection 24/7/365

Mercury protects your critical assets ensuring that bad actors & groups cannot disrupt the function of your critical machines.

Industrial Infrastructure Is Often

In Remote Locations 

Managing security for critical infrastructure can now be done centrally without you worrying about downtime.

Massive Disruption To Supply Chains

Limits The Service You Provide 

Disruption of the supply chain costs your business sigfnicantly and can even be so costly putting you totally out of business.

Unify Operational & Technology Teams

For Global Collaboration

Mercury’s value unites operational & IT teams providing a  collaborative approach to building long lasting security.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Let us help you protect your operational technology!

Call us on +44(0)207 127 9596 or let us call you back directly


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