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Enterprise Mobility, is the key driver and one of the core pillars of every digital transformation strategy.

Mobility allows your users to work & collaborate from anywhere as well as assist in delivering new mobility driven services.

To realise the numerous benefits that mobility will provide you, you’ll need a guaranteed proven strategy that always delivers.

Enterprise Mobility

The Enterprise Mobility landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Mobility is transforming every part of our lives & businesses

This includes how we shop, entertain, travel, bank, learn, make decisions, work, and interact with our employees & customers.

With mobility at the forefront of digital transformation, today’s businesses are driven by the application economy.

Mobility requires a cutting-edge strategy that includes privacy & security, robust infrastructure, 24/7 support & low costs. 

Unified Endpoint Management

Mobile & Web Applications

The application economy is driving mobility and is allowing employees & customers to engage in powerful new ways.

Applications empower employees to work from any location, on any device which significantly increases user productivity.

New applications help to deliver new innovative services allowing powerful new ways to engage with customers

Apps for mobility requires short development cycles which helps increase business agility & meet new opportunities.

Mobile & Web Applications

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)

By eliminating the need to source & provision costly devices for an entire organisation, BYOD will deliver multiple benefits.

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy driven by business leaders cannot be achieved by using outdated technology. 

BYOD requires new architecture, products with a native user experience, seamless security, training and user acceptance.  

Trying to find the right balance between security & user experience will help you realise your agile BYOD strategy.


Mobile Kiosks & Digital Signage

A combination of a device and application is fast enabling businesses to offer a wide variety of services & capabilities.

Mobile Kiosks are distributed worldwide because they are low cost, can be deployed very quickly & controlled remotely. 

Digital Signage & Mobile Kiosks can be used for both consumer & employee services delivering ultimate value.

Cloudtexo is uniquely placed in the market because we’ll provide you with a model that will 100% lower your premium.

Mobile Kiosks & Digital Signage
Lower Operational Costs

Business Innovations

Mobile devices allow you to create new innovative business services that drive improved methods of information delivery.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Value Add Strategy

Mobility will always allow you to uncover significant efficiencies. Mobility will be the key driver of your transformation strategy.

Stakeholder Value

Empowering Users

Users that can work more efficiently and securely will feel totally empowered. This will lead to increased user productivity.

Digital Investment

Manage Complexities

Mobility projects requires a deep understanding of the many layers of complexity ensuring 100% project success.

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