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Industrial Devices and RFID Products

Chainway are leading providers of RFID, barcode and biometric technologies that help clients enhance efficiency and productivity while reducing operational costs across a wide variety of industries.

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Hardware is Eating the World

Digital Transformation in every industry requires premium quality hardware to truly unlock software capabilities, beyond the OS layer and right down to the chip level.


The Secure Rugged Smartphone

CHAINWAY C90 is a thin, secure rugged handheld with powerful performance that will make your every task easier. It features rich functionality and deliver the highest value to users with a low price.

C90 Chainway Device

Powerful Biometric Devices

Chainway empowers your users access, to your data, anywhere. Authentication into the device provides a deep layer of security.


Rugged Tablet with User Authentication

The P80 is a rugged tablet with abundant functions, such as 8-inch FHD screen, RFID, Biometrics and 8000 mAh battery that can be used in many markets not just industrial because is expandable.

IoT Capture Devices For Major Benefits

Chainway provides cutting-edge devices that are used in multiple industries. The device's are powerful, long lasting with great connectivity and are used with variety of apps for digital transformation.


Transforming Devices in RFID Readers in a Click

One of the most popular industrial PDAs on the market and still going strong due to its versatility, durability and its ability to move from just a handheld into a secure RFID device for multiple use cases.

Biometric Handhelds

Identity and authentication is now at the forefront of every market. Security is no longer a nice but a must and Chainway deliver the market leading Biometrics functions that provide accountability and deep internal security.


Without Security, Your Device is the Biggest Risk

The Chainway C71 is a high-tech, well equipped handheld computer. It can accurately collect and verify biometric data of users using optional fingerprint reading, iris scanning or facial recognition for safety.

Industrial Handheld Computers

RFID readers with fast, long distance scanning capabilities, need powerful, well-built units that work seamlessly with a wide variety of tags and inlays.


The Perfect Premium Quality Rugged Devices

The Chainway rugged handheld devices contain feature rich functionality for barcode scanning, RFID, NFC in addition to front and rear cameras among other devices - perfect for all industries.

Premium RFID Fixed
Readers & Modules

Pair your secure RFID devices with highly compatible and stable readers and modules, as well as tags for operational efficiencies and new digital processes.


Highly Stable, Purpose Built, Superior RFID Readers & Modules

The modules and readers are designed to have superior read ranges, low power consumption and extensive electromagnetic interference protection while still maintaining good stability at high temperatures!

New Efficiences with Wearables

Expand your RFID capabilities by pairing this device with an Android or iOS device for increased functionality of what's possible! Provides users more flexibility in completing their tasks efficiently so they are not limited any longer.


Wearable RFID Reader For Comfort

The MR20 is a compact & portable device that can be operated together with gloves, wristbands or lanyards. It has an UHF module for data collection & transmission and links to any Android/IOS device.

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