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The Global Leader for Secure Smart Digital Payment Terminals

Telpo is the world’s leading smart terminal and solution provider. The company prides themselves on being innovative with close ties within R&D, as well as establishing strategic partnerships worldwide.

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Digital Payments is
the New Normal

Digital Transformation requires premium quality hardware to truly unlock the software capabilities beyond the OS layer and right down to the chip level.


Premium Hardware for Every Sector

Mobile-point of sale is a revolutionary technology that allows merchants to accept payments from anywhere. It has the potential to be one of, if not THE most significant advancements for years coming!

Telpo Mobile POS Unit

Take Self-Service to the Next Level

Enhance the customer experience by adding the ability to automate payments and services with desktop kiosks.


Android Kiosks Turn Self-Service into New Customer Services

This terminal is a sleek, size-efficient desktop device that packs in plenty of features. The compact design also makes it perfect for use at small shops as well large businesses and is fully customisable.

Telpo Desktop Kiosk

Retail is Driven Now to Go Digital

The retail market has now changed forever and with more and more customers wanting self-service, the need for digital hardware is a pre-requsite for growth and survival.


Android POS with Ai Technology Changing Payment Handling

The Android POS register machine C1 is an intelligent and convenient cashier. Driven by Ai and With its HD screen, thermal printer & 3D camera this device will make it your service even easier than ever.

Telpo Ai PoS Machine

Proving Your Identity

Biometric devices are fast driving the need for people to identify themselves when undertaking in critical people services incl elections, border control, citizen identification, sim card.


Android Run Biometric Identity Management

Telpo S10 is an all in one biometric scanner terminal that integrates multimodal features, is powerful and ideal to carry out national population registration or citizen id projects.

Telpo S10 Biometric Device

Buying Food Has Never
Been So Easy

Self-service kiosks in food outlets driven by intelligent software is negating the need for staff to waste time on ordering. Deploy staff to other areas of the business at the same time as improving the customer experience.


Android Kiosks Turning Food Businesses into Self-Service Heaven

The 22" display screen is perfect for any production environment. It can be easily customized and has a host of features that will meet your needs - driven by the Android OS.

Telpo K5 Kiosk

Ticketing Kiosks Serve

Automate the entire ticketing process and eliminate the need for live agents in any industry by providing tickets and labels on-demand through a purpose built kiosk.


Turn Kiosks Into More Than a Single Use Case

Traditional Kiosks are built for single use cases, however, our Kiosks has multiple use cases and deliver value to the user and other businesses without ever impacting the user experience.

Telpo K17 Self-Service Kiosk

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