Point-of-Sale for Digital Transformation


Extended Portfolio for Android™ POS

Telpo is a cutting-edge provider of smart terminal solutions, taking innovation to the next level with high investment in R&D and strategic partnerships across the globe.

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Digital Payments is
the New Normal

To leverage the true potential of Digital Transformation, top-of-the line hardware is essential for unlocking modern software capabilities right down to the chip level.


Versatile Android™ POS Hardware

Mobile point of sale is an incredible technology that brings unparalleled convenience to merchants. With its cutting-edge capabilities, it stands out as a potential game-changer for the years ahead.

Telpo Mobile POS Unit

Take Self-Service to the Next Level

Take your customer experience to the next level with standalone kiosks that provide a fast and secure way of automating payments and services!


Self-Service for Simple Operations

This terminal is a sleek size-efficient desktop device that packs in plenty of features. The compact design also makes it perfect for use at small shops as well large businesses and is fully customisable.

Telpo Desktop Kiosk

Retail Industry Has To Go Digital

The modern retail industry is drastically different compared to the pre-digital era: customers increasingly prefer self service, making digital hardware an essential component of any business' growth and survival.


Android™ POS with Ai Technology

Step into the future of cashiering with Android™ POS register machine. Powered by AI and boasting an HD screen, thermal printer & 3D camera - this device will revolutionize your customer service experience.

Telpo Ai PoS Machine

Self-Service Has Never
Been So Easy

Self-service kiosks are revolutionizing food outlets, allowing staff to be deployed elsewhere while delivering a smoother ordering experience for customers. Intelligent software makes it all possible without sacrificing customer satisfaction.


Android™ Kiosks Simplify Operations

The 22" monitor is the ideal choice for production-level efficiency with its customizable design, powerful Android™ OS and advanced features. Maximize your workflow potential today!

Telpo K5 Kiosk

Ticketing Kiosks Changing

Automate the entire ticketing process and eliminate the need for live agents in any industry by providing tickets and labels on-demand through a purpose built kiosk.


Self-Serve Android™ Kiosks

Our Kiosks break the mold of traditional single-use models, providing a wealth of value for users and businesses alike without ever compromising an intuitive user experience.

Telpo K17 Self-Service Kiosk

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