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CFO asks CEO: “What happens when we invest in developing our our people and then they leave us?”

CEO says: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Traditionally, improvement of people has often been an after-thought for businesses but this is no longer acceptable.

To reap the benefits of digital transformation, your people are equally important and they too must truly be transformed.

Human Transformation is the continuous process of changing people within your business but in way that benefits everyone.

Today, users are flooded with out-dated training methods including e-learning which no longer add value to the user.

Traditional Approach

Information overdose is what your people are consumed with which in turn leads to rapid forgetfulness and lack of focus.

Managing diaries trying desperately to avoid calendar clash will be another infliction of pain on you and the user.

You need a different approach to developing your people. You need a way that’s proven to work and improves everyone.

NanoLearning is the way forward. This proven method of learning unlocks the massive potential in your people.

Information Overdose

Learning any subject is always about the method. The NanoLearning process delivers value from the outset. 

The process entails that the content, whatever that may be, is broken down into digestible chunks, 2-3 minute lessons.

This continuous learning process allows the user to learn when its most convenient, across any device, anytime

The result of this will ensure you’ll get higher participation, a lasting effect, motivated & satisfied users at a low cost too.

The NanoLearning Process

With the ability to scale, you’ll see why the largest businesses worldwide are using the solution to transform their users.

There is an abundance of ready-made content which users can consume instantly & relevant to what we promote. 

The real value is, Cloudtexo has created it own exclusive expert content, which you can add to, customise or just use.

Either way, whether you want to create your own content, use our expertly created content or both, you choose whats best.

Human Transformation
NanoLearning is SaaS

Changing Behaviour

Changing employee learning behaviour requires a new digital approach. You’ll need a proven platform that deliver real value.

Human Rewards

Employee Loyalty

Users actually want valuable training as it allows them to grow as individuals which increases their company loyalty.

Quicker On-Boarding Users


The training can be delivered either via a browser and/or a mobile app. This allows for training anytime from anywhere.

User Acceptance

Rewarding Your Teams

Improving people and the teams that they work within allows for increased productivity and employees that enjoy their work.

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