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Internet-of-Medical Things (IoMT)

The Internet-of-Medical-Things (IoMT) in the combination of medical devices & machines that connect to a network and their application.

This in turn is increasingly about objects (devices) that talk to each other and share data.

These connected objects as a collective with an automated system allows you to improve or replace existing processes.

However without the right devices, networks & data collectors in place, the security & risk to your business & brand is enormous.

Internet-of-Medical-Things & Risk Management

Maintaining Compliance for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) cannot be achieved without the expertise & skillset.

This is because the IoT, Mobile & Cloud are intertwined and without a grounding in each area, you cannot deliver on IoT.

IoT is such a generalised term today but is still very complicated and a one size fits all strategy doesn’t work.

Cloudtexo provides you with the skills, the products and strategy that allows you to reap the rewards of IoT.

Industrial Internet-of-Things
Industry 4.0

The Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) is the use of IoT technology to improve industrial & manufacturing processes.

IIoT is a network of devices that’s connected via networks that form systems to monitor, collect, exchange & analyse data.

The systems then allow the business to make smarter decisions saving time & money and improving inefficiencies.

IIoT is not just information technology (IT), it’s also about operational technology (OT). SCADA, PLC’s, HMI’s, Sensors etc

Industry 4.0
CyberSecurity for Operational Technology (OT)

There is an extremely fast growing demand for CyberSecurity solutions for IIoT. IT & OT is converging but increasing risks.

This convergence of IT & OT is blurred because you cannot apply IT security products & techniques directly to OT. 

OT was never built with CyberSecurity in mind. OT systems are outdated, easy to attack & too costly to just replace.

So IT & OT teams must converge themselves, and define a strategy with the best product to solve their cyber problem.

CyberSecurity For Operational Technology

Working With Cloudtexo

So how do you protect operational systems from cyber threats? You need the right technology built for the job!

To protect OT, remain fully compliant, eradicate cyber risks without having to modify any architecture, work with us!

We provide you with the technology to solve your problem (IEC-62443), but also the skills & strategy to help you deliver.

The expertise of Cloudtexo, with the right technology, enables us to offer you the key to help protect your business today.

Working With Cloudtexo
Global Compliance

Global Compliance

Industrial businesses are heavily regulated and compliance is the driving force of decision making to maintain business standards.
Guaranteed Delivery

Guaranteed Delivery

Industrial businesses are risk adverse and due to the high price of failure, you need a solution that is guaranteed.
Continuous Training

Continuous Training

We stand by the notion that humans need to be continuously trained.Training must be quality, frequent and user accepted.
Knowledge Experts

Knowledge Experts

Teaching IT & operational experts about threats and risks must be done via collaboration. Unifying experts is the value.

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