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100% Complete SD WAN

We provide the most innovative and cost effective solution to transform your Wide Area Network (WAN).

Lavelle Networks with their cutting-edge hardware & software solution is digitally transforming WAN’s worldwide.

You Cannot Afford Not To Truly Transform Your Network!
Digital transformation requires you to put in place the correct building blocks that will ensure that you succeed. The Wide Area Network (WAN) must be transformed because existing legacy WAN’s were not built for the Cloud era.
MPLS Is Too Expensive For Digital
User Experience Suffers On MPLS
Lack of Security Across MPLS
MPLS Was Not Built For The Cloud
Minimise Hardware At The ROBO
MPLS Requires Months Of Planning
Critical Apps Require The Best UX
MPLS Requires Lengthy Contracts
WAN Security Is Critical For Digital

Ensure Application Performance

Accelerate Cloud Apps

Reduce Branch Latency

Guarantee App Bandwidth

Built for Hybrid Networks

Perfect for Every SaaS App

Number 1 MPLS Replacement

Lower Current WAN Costs

Speed-Up Site Setups

Augment Current WAN

Increase User Productivity

Improve WAN Reliability

Expand Your Network in Minutes

Zero-Touch Provisioning

VPN Tunneling Security

ScaleAon; Private Networks

Simple to Deploy

Automated Configuration

3x Faster Transition to SD-WAN

Bring Up ROBO In Minutes

Use Internet Links Securely

Avoid Lengthy Roll Outs

Quick Application Rollouts

Consumerise Your WAN

Lavelle Networks
Lavelle Networks Platform Benefits:
  • Your Choice, Physical &/or Virtual Appliance
  • Enterprise Ready “ScaleAon” Architecture
  • Centralised Hybrid Cloud Management 
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning for Branch Offices
  • Scale to Thousands of Appliances Instantly
  • Secure-By-Design Architecture 
  • Deploy Your Own Preferred Configurations
  • Ensure Application Performance 24/7/365
  • Secure User Experience for Every User
  • Deploy Apps & Deliver Ultimate Experiences
  • Exclusively Optimised for Wide Area Networks 
  • Deep Integration Into Any Network Including 
  • Bring Remote Offices Online in Minutes
  • Replace Unnecessary MPLS Links Quickly
  • Simple Licensing With Maintenance Included
  • Deploy Military Grade Security Instantly
  • Ensure Bandwidth For Every Enterprise Location

The Most Powerful & Simplified SD-WAN Platform!

Lavelle Networks is a Leading SD-WAN Provider, Delivering a Solution That Enables You To Transform Your WAN Infrastructure For The Digital Revolution!


MPLS Networks are very expensive to run and can take months to setup. Lavelle Networks SD-WAN can be deployed instantly in minutes and brings value across every network.



Secure connectivity is critical for today’s application workloads, especially across networks like broadband. Secure your branch offices instantly with security driven from the Cloud.



Replace existing complex, expensive hardware with branch office hardware that is plug & play. You don’t have to deploy staff remotely when it can be configured centrally.



Application performance is critical for your users to enable the best user experience. Ensure all SaaS apps can access the internet directly & securely, giving you instant value today.


It just keeps on getting better with Cloudtexo & Lavelle Networks!
WAN Visibility

WAN Visibility Solves Problems Quickly

Being able to visualise your network & application behaviour is critical.

Lavelle Networks allows your teams to troubleshoot problems instantly.

Accelerate SaaS

Accelerate All SaaS Apps Everywhere

Software-as-a-Service is enabling organisations to truly embrace Cloud.

Ensure the application performance & security that your business needs.

Military Grade Network Security

The Highest Grade Network Security

Different apps across businesses all have strict security requirements.

Lavelle Networks provide their simple ScaleA-On security for every network.

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Lower WAN Costs

Reduce Your Operational WAN Costs

Across All Your Locations

Lower costs across your entire estate by using a proven solution that delivers an instant Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Centralised SD-WAN Management

Centralised Management & Security of

All Locations From The Cloud 

Manage your WAN at every branch office from a central location eliminating the need to have staff at any site.

Zero-Touch Configuration of  SD-WAN Appliances

Simplified Zero-Touch Configuration

for Every SD WAN Appliance

Lavelle’s SD-WAN appliances are always configured centrally so your rollout and maintenance is always 100% easy.

Accelerate SD-WAN Deployment

Bring Your Remote Offices Online

Quickly & Avoid Lengthy Setup

With zero-touch configuration, your business will start gaining the multiple benefits of SD-WAN avoiding lengthy setup.

Guarantee Application Performance

Guarantee Application Performance

From Your Multi-Cloud Business

Regardless of your Cloud strategy, Lavelle has you covered. Your hybrid cloud strategy with Lavelle guarantees results.

Reduce TCO for SD-WAN

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

By Combining MPLS & Internet

MPLS networks were not built for the Cloud era but combining it with the internet delivers massive results.

SD-WAN Quality-of-Service (QoS)

Quality-of-Service (QoS) is Essential

for Digital Transformation

Lavelle’s QoS ensures that every application, wherever they are delivered from, performs perfectly across any network. 

Switzerland of SD-WAN

The Switzerland of SD WAN

The Best All-in-One-Appliance

Lavelle Network’s SD-WAN appliance gives you everything you need without the need for multiple hardware platforms.

ScaleAOn Security for SD-WAN

Complete Network Security Is Seamless

With ScaleAOn Architecture

Scale your network at will without ever turning off security. Every second of the day, you’ll be secure on any network.

Still not sure?  Let us help you with your Wide Area Network (WAN) Strategy!

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Lavelle Networks Features & Benefits for You

You’ve got everything you need with the Lavelle Network Platform

Lavelle Networks

Quality Based Link Load Balancing

You'll gain automatic detection of the application traffic sensitivity to quality or capacity of WAN, Network Scores and automatic selection of best link based on Quality score or WAN .

Traffic Steering

Asymmetric and symmetric enterprise traffic steering between the hub and the spoke using quality based WAN path selection.

Capacity Load Balancing

All your application flows are load balanced across all available WAN links based on the capacity.

WAN Transport Independence

You'll be able to use of any type of WAN link being terminated on a CloudPort- Internet broadband, wires or wireless, Internet Leased Line or a MPLC Circuit.

Network Groups

Lavelle Networks delivers a flexible and robust solution as there is no static overlay network that needs to be maintained, but a dynamic tunnel that is established at run-time based on a policy.

Encryption Key Management

Your encryption policy dictates how frequently the encryption key is generated..

Encryption Policies

You'll be able to encrypt the traffic destined to a network inside a network group. Data integrity modes and FIPS compliant data encryption algorithms are supported.

VPN Topologies

Use different topologies - Full Mesh Topology, Site Topology, Hub and Spoke Topology, Custom Topology

Web Security

You can whitelist and blacklist URLs. Make internet access secure with security policies that can be applied at a users, applications, ports and protocols level.

Data Protection

You can secure enterprise data with integrated data leak prevention (DLP) and file type controls.

Threat Prevention

Advanced Threat Prevention with integrated best of breed content filtering, anti-malware, DNS Filtering.

Bandwidth Management

Simply apply both user based and app based bandwidth management.

Quality of Service (QoS) Policy

You've got a traffic control subsystem for traffic class aware queuing, receive and transmission mechanisms based on attributes of the packet.

Load Balancing Policy

Administrators can override the system intelligence to use specific WAN links for specific application traffic types if required.

Application & User Policies

You can intelligently combine users and applications to apply network wide policies using 3000+ applications that the system natively identifies.

WAN Policy

Allows for traffic control between network segments- LAN to LAN, LAN to WAN, WAN to LAN and WAN to WAN network segments.

WiFi Management

Integrated WiFi, OTP based guest login, user identification & AAA integration.

VLAN Management

Use CloudPort to configure VLAN's on both LAN and WAN Interfaces.

Static Routes, BGP and OSPF protocols

With support for Static Routes, BGP and OSPF protocols to peer with LAN side router to discover the network segments in the branch office and hub site.

Software Defined Network

Software Defined Network ensures that it does not use routing on the WAN side.

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