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Agentless Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing across a range of devices allows for the ultimate collaborative opportunities especially application training.

Mirroring360 is the low cost way that allows a business to share information to users in any location & device without limitations.

Training & Collaboration With All Users On-Demand!

Whenever you deploy a new mobile or cloud application or want to train users who are remote, or even in the same room, then ensuring that your user can collaborate with you across any device is critical.

Offsite Training Is Not Business Friendly

Application Training Is Critical

Zero User App Training = Poor ROI

Productivity Decreases Without Training

Offsite Training Is Not Business Friendly

Users Want Training for Latest Apps

Cloud Apps Need Regular User Training

Users Want To Learn On Their Devices

BYOD Use Cases Are Increasing Daily

Mirroring360 Benefits:
  • Screen Sharing On Any Device 
  • No Specific Hardware Required
  • Proven Technology Platform
  • Lowest Cost Screen Sharing
  • Low Cost Subscription Pricing
  • Perfect for Education Customers 
  • Simplicity For Large Networks & Installs
  • No Proprietary Hardware Required
  • Mirror Different Device-to-Device
  • Perfect For Every Business Sector
  • Record & Create Videos On Any Device
  • No Need For Complex Setups 
  • Device & OS Independent
  • Optimal User Experience

The Best Way To Collaborate & Educate Your Users

Ensure you can collaborate with your users regardless of where they maybe and without the need to ensure that they have a compatible device.

Screen Sharing For Any Device


Mirroring360 allows you to share your screen from your chosen device to any other device via a web browser enabling simple and effective colloboration.


Mirroring360 has multiple use cases including presentations, training, education, screen recordings, gaming and media giving you incredible value across multiple business units.

Application Education


In the digital economy, mobile and cloud applications are the key drivers. Every user must be trained to use these apps to ensure your business maximises the return-on-investment.

Low Cost Collaboration


The cost of Mirroring360 is so low that it doesn’t make any sense not to purchase it alongside any mobile or cloud project you are deploying to your users.  


It just keeps on getting better with Cloudtexo & Mirroring360!

ROI for Applications

Maximise Your ROI For End User Applications

Building apps is expensive and you are required to show an ROI.

Mirroring360 allows you to train your users on any device anywhere.

Variety of End User Devices

Support a Variety of Everyday Devices

Most business have a huge range of devices that users use for working.

Mirroring360 future-proofs your device investment & existing support.

Low Cost Alternative to Expensive Solutions

Low Cost Alternative to Expensive Solutions

Cost has always inhibited & played a significant role in end user training.

Mirroring360 is low cost & ensures that price is never a factor in training.

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Application Training for Every User

Requires No Geo-Limitations

Training for cloud & mobile apps can be delivered to any user anywhere on any device with just a simple web link.

Global Application Training

Ensure Return-On-Investment (ROI)

For Every Business App

Training your users on the applications that you’ve built for them to use ensures that you maximise your investment.

Return-On-Investment For Business Apps

Users Share, Record & Collaborate

Content With BYOD & COPE 

Digital Learning for users across any BYOD/COPE environment delivers effciency & helps you realise your ROI.

Screen-Sharing for BYOD

Adoption of Any Digital Learning Tool

Requires the Best Experience

User Experience is the key driver for any mobile solution. Mirroring360 has a unrivalled UX for digital learning.

Fantastic User Experience

Wirelessly Mirror & Record Screens

Without Hardware & Cables

You do not need to be reliant on any special connectors, specific hardware & cables as Mirroring360 is wireless.

No Hardware or Cables Required

Still can’t find what you are looking for?
Let us help you with your App Training Strategy!

Call us on +44(0)207 127 9596 or let us call you back directly


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