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CFO asks CEO: “What happens when we invest in developing our our people and then they leave us?”

CEO says: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Next-Generation IT Distribution

As a Next-Generation IT Distributor we don’t just distribute a products, we distribute “enablement” for our customers.

Digital transformation is driving the end solution to be a mix of technologies and our expertise enables us to put that together.

As part of every enablement solution, we must always offer the training to empower every user and the digital teams.

Our goal is to transform people and assist them to improve themselves, which helps them to achieve your business goals.


Next-Generation IT Distribution

Worldwide Trends

Across our worldwide customer base, we see emerging trends & challenges which gives us valuable, deep market insight.

These trends, despite the variety of the products & services our clients offer, tend to be the same across every sector.

Digital transformation has seen the exponential growth of distributed teams, with virtual teams regarded, as the norm.

Businesses are looking to reduce training costs and deliver new training methods as opposed to classroom learning.

Emerging Global Trends

Information Overdose

The acceleration of new hire and new product training is now focused on social learning and online collaboration.

We and our customers agree that we cannot force learners to know everything “right-now”. They need to learn on-demand.

So we must provide the necessary tools & access to the resources for knowledge, on-demand, when they need it.

However, information overdose is what people are consumed with. This leads to rapid forgetfulness and lack of focus.

Social Learning & Online Collaboration

Proven Method

Managing diaries trying desperately to avoid calendar clash will be another infliction of pain on you and the user.

You need a different approach to developing your people. You need a way that’s proven to work and improves everyone.

The “less is more” model and this basis, allows us to provide a strategic pillar of learning for digitisation, Nano-learning!

NanoLearning is the way forward. This proven method of learning unlocks the massive potential in your people.

Social Learning & Online Collaboration


Nanolearning is digestible bite-sized content (lasting 2-5mins) sent to a user typically covering one targeted learning subject.

You deliver just-in-time content to the learner who’s capacity to absorb & retain the information, increases exponentially. 

The content is delivered to any device and makes it extremely convenient for employees to learn subjects on-demand. 

With detailed user analytics, you can analyse user behaviour to continuously fine-tune learning for Human Transformation.

Human Transformation

The Result

The subject content may be made up from multiple types of media or a even a combination of multi-media.

This may include, audio, video, examples of scenarios, complex or easy activities and knowledge checks/tests.

The training content is based on what is most effective for the user,  the technology, their environment, and the content.

The result of this will ensure you’ll get higher participation, a lasting effect, motivated & satisfied users at a low cost too.

Human Transformation
NanoLearning is SaaS

NanoLearning is SaaS

The Nanolearning SaaS content delivery platform gives you a simple low cost way to change user training habits.

Human Rewards

Human Rewards

Changing outdated training habits. to one that users get instantaneous personal rewards, creates really happy employees.

Quicker On-Boarding Users

Quicker On-Boarding

Many job roles require specific training before they can start. Use Nanolearning to accelerate the on-boarding process.

User Acceptance

User Acceptance

Our customisable solution allows you to provide the best user experience & tailored content that users embrace.

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