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Digital Transformation is a fundamental change to your business so enabling the right risk strategy is critical for you to succeed.

It isn’t just about disruption or technology, it’s a profound way of changing your thinking and business paradigm forever.

Our method & model of delivery truly embraces & unifies People, Process & Technology in a proven & easily digestible format.

The Balance

Risk Management for Digital Transformation must encompass an equal balance of People, Process & Technology.

Often risk teams rigidity towards emerging technology stifles innovation which distances them from strategic planning.

IoT, Mobile & Cloud are no longer just emerging concepts and you need to include them for your own survival and success.

Cloudtexo provides you with a strategy that enables you to strike the perfect balance of innovation & risk management!

Risk Management

Your People

People within the business have always been the most important aspect but often forgotten about.

Processes can be world class and technology can be the best but without the improvement of people, your project will fail!

We have a strong emphasis on people and we call this continuous process “Human Transformation”!

Human Transformation unlocks the absolute potential in your people and we provide you the tools to realise that potential.


Your Processes

Processes are key when implementing an effective Risk Management strategy for every Digital Transformation project.

The processes are absolutely crucial in how you mitigate risks for your organisations information.

Processes have to be adaptable and you must continually review them as cyber threats are evolving continuously.

Making processes easy allows you to ensure that people follow them which in turn means digital project success.


Your Technology

Now obviously technology is crucial for risk management.

By truly understanding your risks from people & processes, technology allows for you to put the correct controls in place.

Then the right technology must be deployed to reduce or prevent the impact of cyber threats to your organisation.

This will be based on your business risk assessment and what you determine the acceptable level of risk!

Transformation - Education

Transform Education

Human Transformation is our approach for digital. A trained workforce lowers your business risk & returns multiple benefits.

100% Guarantee

Proven Technologies

Technology for digital touches multiple facets of the business. Our technology portfolio is assisting businesses worldwide.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

IIoT, Mobile & Cloud requires an absolute change in your thought process for digitisation. Our strategy will 100% assist you.   



Protecting your business with with our solutions enables you to lower your insurance premium & re-invest for business growth.

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