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Enterprise Mobility, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) & Cloud is driving your business to embrace digital technology.

Alongside this, you need a risk management strategy to counteract the ever evolving cyber threat to your business.

Rethinking your entire risk strategy will allow you to ensure your business is secure and still allow your business to evolve.

Evaluating The Risks

Business leaders view digitisation as an absolute necessity, however they remain cautious due to the major risks involved.

Risk has always been part of existing business standards like ISO, but today’s risk for digitisation, requires a new approach.

Risk evaluation must now take a much more prominent role, digital changes everything, people, process & technology.

Risk management shouldn’t just be used for negative outcomes, it can be used to pinpoint positive possibilities too.

Risk Management

The Cyber Risk

To take advantage of cloud services, which are outside of your companies network, you need to understand the risk.

IoT, mobile & cloud deliver significant benefits across your business but the evolving threat landscape increases too.

Isolation of apps & data have moved beyond just a central location, to being accessed via the internet, from anywhere.

The growing cyber risks must be understood and controlled before you’re able to fully realise your digital transformation.


Regulatory Compliance

The large volume of compliance & regulation requirements that you must adhere too can become overwhelming.

Failing to adhere to regulations & risk mitigation processes will leave your business highly vulnerable to many problems.

No matter the size of your business, today’s standards including GDPR, IEC-62443, HIPPA creates complexity.

Compliance in digital must be built into the fabric of your new business model using an automated multi-tiered approach.

Regulatory Compliance

Lowering The Insurance Premium

If your unfortunate to have experienced a terrible cyber attack, quite simply it could destroy your business overnight.

For you to be able to ensure that you can lower your business insurance premium, you’ll need the right protection.

To ensure that you’re protected at all times from bad actors & malicious groups, you’ll need a strategy that delivers.

Cloudtexo is uniquely placed in the market because we’ll provide you with a model that will 100% lower your premium.

Insurance Premium
Lower Operational Costs

Lower Operation Costs

Operational cost reduction for your business can be achieved by including a proven deliverable risk mitigation strategy.
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Critical Compliance

If you’re dealing with data in the EU, you must include and understand the GDPR risk into every facet your business.
Stakeholder Value

Stakeholder Value

Stakeholders within a business while being different must be unified on risk management. Let us help you unify stakeholders.
Digital Investment

Digital Investment

Risk Management allows you to determine the right places for you to invest your budget in your business for a maximum ROI.

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