Monitor, Identify & Protect Every Cellular & IoT Subscriber

FirstPoint offers a new approach to Digital Cybersecurity that monitors, identifies and protects at the network level. Catch Cybercrime before it ever reaches your mobile & IoT subscriber devices, even without a known signature.

Cellular Devices and Tower Transmitting Signal

Provide Trust In Your Cellular Communications

Firstpoint provide cellular cybersecurity for any SIM or eSIM based device, anywhere. They protect at the network level bypassing cellular vulnerabilities with an app-less solution that ensures full protection against all cyber attack methods.

High Security With Zero Impact On Performance

FirstPoint aims to be at the forefront of the market by offering an agent-less, no hassle approach with zero impact on battery life or performance as well as all network based cyber threats.

Sim Card with Safe Image and Wheel

Any SIM (Physical & eSIM)

With a SIM level solution, subscribers do not have to make room or embed any app in the devices the plan to use.

Mobile & IoT Security

Mobility & IoT are driving change across industries and Firstpoint provide the security required for the transition.

Global SIM Protection

Provide protection for users with devices who roam or work from anywhere regardless of the network they are using.

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The  Worldwide Leader in Cellular CyberSecurity

Cellular Protection

Mobile Devices are the biggest risk to an organisation especially when operating outside on a network that they have zero control over.

Single Pane of Glass

You're provided with a single console to manage your subscriber base and ensure you gain deep intelligence regarding any potential threats.

IoT Protection

Your low powered IoT devices can run SIMs/eSIMs and gain the highest level of security without agents & zero-loss of performance.

Physical & eSIM

With support for both types of SIMs, you are safe in the knowledge that every SIM type is covered and allows you not to change internal workflows.

No Lost Performance

The agent-less solution being a huge part of the Firstpoint solution, there is zero-impact on the device performance.

Raise Your ARPU

With the ability to offer a new revenue stream/s, your ARPU is raised in the short & long-term as the market evolves.

Global Roaming SIM

With the Firstpoint Global SIM, devices can roam across any network with full device protection and compliance intact.

Cloud & On-Premises

Whatever your deployment, Firstpoint Mobile Guard has you covered. If security is your forte, Go On-Premises.


Other Features & Benefits

App Free
Protect Any Device
Device Level Visibility
IoT Protection at the Network Layer
Cloud and On-Premises
For 2G to 5G
IMSI Catcher
Automated Alerting & Blocking
SIEM Integration
Over-the-Air (OTA) Integration
No Impact on Device Battery Life
Private LTE & 5G Deployment Protection

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Partner with us today to unlock new markets through the power of the Cloudtexo eco-system.