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Digital Training Platform

Identify & empower the experts within your business to deliver the staff training with the ShareLook Digital Training Platform.

Every staff member can be trained across any device from a library of courses, live broadcasts & 3D simulation courses.

Lack Of Trained Staff Increases Multiple Business Problems!

 Training your staff for digital transformation, in the most efficient way for your business and for your users, requires a move away from traditional outdated practices & methods which are riddled with multiple challenges that lead to poor outcomes.

Offsite Training Is Not Business Friendly

Productivity Decrease Without Training

One-Time Training Is Not Viable Today 

Experts Cannot Be In Multiple Locations

Traditional Training Is Very Expensive 

Developing Your Own Content Is Costly

Traditional Training Is Time Consuming

Users Want Simple Engaging Content  

Devices Need To Meet Compliance Law

ShareLook Training Platform Benefits:

  • Create Your Own Exact Training Content 
  • Browser & Mobile App Based Training
  • Custom Built For Exact Use Cases & Sectors 
  • Nano-Lessons or Ed-Bites for Every User & Groups
  • Follow Your Chosen Subject Matter Experts
  • Easy-to-Use Content Management System 
  • Instant Mass-Deployment to Users & Groups 
  • 3D Simulation Training with Multiple Choice Tests
  • Like, Favourite & Bookmark Lessons Instantly
  • Low-Cost & Delivered as Software-as-a-Service
  • Knowledge Tests To Improve Learning Outcomes
  • Single Per User Cost For Simplified Budgeting
  • Create Bookshelves of Training Lessons For Users
  • Deep Analytics For ROI & Learning Optimisations
  • Stream Your Training Presentations 24/7/365
  • Real-time Audience Responses of Live Lessons
  • Record Live-Broadcasts For Future Viewing
  • Use Android & IOS Devices For Live Broadcasts

Empower The Experts Within Your Business

Educating your staff, reducing your training costs, analysing the results and making the education user experience across any device the best it can be, can all be done with one single platform!

Custom Firmware


Internal people within your business are the best experts your money can buy. Empower them to create content and education lessons that staff will get much more from.



Eliminate user dis-engagement with 3D simulated trainer led training with knowledge tests and quizzes enabling engaged interactive learning rather than boring static content.



Live-Broadcast your training presentations from anywhere to your users without expensive equipment while enabling your staff to ask questions and like content in real-time.

Budget Friendly


The future of on-demand continuous learning with ShareLook reduces the need for expensive costs of travel, expert trainers covering multiple locations, classrooms, equipment etc


It just keeps on getting better with Cloudtexo & ShareLook!

Specific Manufacturing

Creating Your Content Is Very Simple & Easy

Creating your own specified content for different devices & users is difficult.

The in-built CMS allows you to create your content without special skills.

Android OS

Live-Broadcast To Employees & Colleagues

Gaining access to subject experts is often based on their chaotic diaries. 

Record live-broadcasted training & archive for those that miss out. 

Built To Your Exact Size

Analytics For ROI & Training Optimisation

Being able to analyse training has often just been a checkbox exercise.

Analytics helps you & the user to deliver success & optimisation for the future.

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Corporate Education For Every User

Is Not Limited To Geography

You can eliminate unnecessary costs yet share corporate knowledge anytime, anywhere to absolutely any device.

Custom Hardware

Never Miss An Update By Following

The Experts Relevant To You

Like & follow subject matter experts ensuring that you’ll never miss an update and experts can share information instantly.

Multiple Use Case Devices

Curate, Collect & Store Vital Corporate

Info In One Central Location

You can define a central location (bookshelf) for the user that can be accessed instantly for all ed-bites and nano-lessons.

Custom Hardware

Educating Users Requires Constant

Tests For ROI & Optimisation 

You provide tests & quizzes to validate your content to ensure users are getting the most value from your education process.

ISO9001/2015 certification

Like & Favourite Content You Enjoy

Bookmark For Review Later

Users that engage with content on a personal level, will strengthen their training experience & knowledge retention.

Zero-Touch Enrolment

Supporting a Wide Variety of Devices

Works For BYOD & COPE

ShareLook training can be accessed across every device via either a mobile app (IOS & Android) or from any web browser.

AppTec360 Number 1

Corporate Data Protection & Security

Is Standard For Every User

A platform with in-built functions to adhere to GDPR and other data security standards, you can ensure you are compliant.

Cables, Mounts and Docks

Allow Multiple Teams To Work Together

Providing Deep Convergence 

Every team within the business is working to the same common goal. Education across different teams is unified.

Windows 10 IoT Core

Nano-Lessons Or Ed-Bites Are Small

Entertaining Training Content 

Bite-sized education content is delivered as a proven concept to help users retain the knowledge that you impasse in them.

API Extender

The Best Learning User Experience

Is Critical For Major Adoption

Whatever method of consumption your users undertake, the UX is key to ensure success & adoption across the workplace.

Windows 10 IoT Core

Still can’t find what you are looking for?
Let us help you with your digital training strategy!

Call us on +44(0)207 127 9596 or let us call you back directly


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