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Network Sensors For IIoT

The perfect plug & play network analysis tool that allows you to detect suspicious activity on your entire network.

CatchWire allows you to capture with or without your existing tools, malicious activity & bad actors across every location.

You Cannot Afford Not To Analyse Your Traffic’s Behaviour!

No longer can you be reactive to threats within your business. You have to be proactive to root out threats before they cause damage to your business with downtime being extremely costly in a number of ways.

Perimeter Based Security Is Legacy

Reactive Security Reeks Havoc

Legacy Network Tools Are Costly

Traditional Network Tools Are Complex

Devices On The Network Raise Risks

Software Agents Are Not For SCADA

IoT Requires New Monitoring Tools

The Insider Threat Is a Critical Risk

Industrial IoT Requires New Security

WAW Technologies
WAW Technologies – CatchWire Benefits:
  • Simple Hand-Held Plug & Play Solution
  • Instant Setup In Seconds Not Minutes
  • Full Analytics for All Network Traffic
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning for Remote Offices
  • Scale to Thousands of Appliances Instantly
  • Instant IoT & IIoT Security Monitoring
  • Intelligent Inline Network Monitoring
  • Deploy With WireShark Network Analyser
  • Ensure Application Performance 24/7/365
  • Scales Multiple Endpoints to Entire Networks
  • Eliminate All Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Perfect For Every Pre & Post IoT & IIoT Projects
  • Deep Integration Into Any Network 
  • Low Cost With Zero-Barrier To Entry 
  • Bring Remote Office Monitoring in Seconds
  • Monitor All IoT & IIoT Devices On The Network
  • Monitor & Analyse All Insider Threats 
  • Plug & Play Into Existing SIEM & Report Tools

Simply Capture Every Advanced Persistent Threat 

You can ensure that you capture all Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s) and stop them from ever creating damage to your business and taking you offline
Monitor Traffic For IoT Devices


The Internet-of-Things (IoT) will change the planet in many ways and with CatchWire, you can ensure that every IoT endpoint is constantly monitored to prevent threats.

Analyse & Stop Advanced Persistent Threats


CyberSecurity is constantly evolving and CatchWire is perfectly built for this. Network analysis now needs to be constant to prevent all threat from the outsiders & insiders.

Real-time Traffic Analysis


You can capture all traffic and analyse it via WireShark or existing tools, allowing you understand patterns & trends that help you prevent and diagnose every threat.

ROBO Threat Detection


Remote Offices with IoT or mobile endpoints can constantly be analysed. With a simple deployment and low footprint, no longer do you need expensive clunky hardware at the ROBO. 

It just keeps on getting better with Cloudtexo & CatchWire TAP!
Traffic Capture for Analysis

Capture Traffic For Behavioural Analysis

Multiple endpoints connecting to your network raises the security risk.

CatchWire’s continuous traffic capture allows for deep behavioural analysis.

No Change To Infrastructure

No Changes To Any Infrastructure/Wiring

No changes are required to existing infrastructure to get up and running.

CatchWire is a small Plug & Play unit that works straight out-of-the-box. 

Pinpoint Traffic Intelligence

Pinpoint Actionable Traffic Intelligence

Drilling into traffic metrics requires continuous real-time monitoring.

CatchWire provides deep intelligence allowing faster problem resolution.

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CatchWire: The Perfect Complement

For Riverbed SteelCentral

You can extend the visibility of network endpoints for superior monitoring, analysis & troubleshooting.


Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO)

Requires Network Sensors

IT can analyse endpoints, at the edge ensuring your distributed enterprise is protected against every threat.

Remote Office/Branch Office

Perfect Companian For The Worlds

Foremost Network Standard 

Wireshark’s the Network Protocol Analyser plugs into the CatchWire TAP in seconds for deep granular analysis.


Endpoint Visibility At Every Site

Gives You Peace of Mind

Being able to view all network traffic on endpoints that do not have software agents is critical for IT departments.

Endpoint Visibility

Simple, Plug & Play Hardware Unit

That’s The Size of a Choc Bar

Ship device to branch office, simply plug CatchWire in-line into the network cable and then get ready to monitor.

Plug & Play Hardware Unit

Absolutely Perfect Fit for SCADA &

Every Industrial IoT Project

CatchWire TAP can monitor IP devices that do not support the deployment of software agents such as SCADA/ICS.

SCADA/ICS Machinery

Complement & Extend Your Visibility

For Cisco Stealthwatch

If you are using Cisco Stealthwatch, you can extend the visibility by using the CatchWire TAP for deeper insights.

Cisco Stealthwatch

Can’t find what you are looking for?
Let us help you protect your operational technology!

Call us on +44(0)207 127 9596 or let us call you back directly


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