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Cloudtexo was founded in 2012, and our goal was to become the market leading Distribution Service Provider.

We’ve assisted many customers in delivering ground-breaking digital projects that set the standards for others to follow.

Our value is simple: Give you the best cutting-edge technologies, services & experiences that guarantee exponential value.

The old legacy way of IT distribution no longer works for the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT), Mobile & Cloud markets.

The advantage we have, is a unique value proposition, with a solution led approach which is the ultimate requirement.

IIoT, Mobile & Cloud is border-less, while communication & collaboration has moved beyond just email & phone.

While we truly believe in a mobile-first mindset for products, for our solutions, our mindset is always global-first!

Worldwide Distribution Service Provider

Cloudtexo isn’t the world’s largest distribution service provider but that is our ultimate value in our continued success.

We’re small enough to stay in touch with our customers like you and deliver a bespoke personal focus that you demand.

Our team is passionate and cool, calm & collected about providing you a service that delivers true satisfaction.

We do fully understand that our success & fast moving growth depends upon your experience and we never forget that!

Cool, Calm, Collected
Visionary Leaders

Visionary Approach

Being a 1st mover cannot be achieved with just sales trends, history & TAM’s. It can only be achieved based on vision.
End-to-End Solutions

End-to-End Portfolio

We provide a cutting-edge portfolio that covers training, technology & services giving you a valuable one-stop shop.
Three Stages - People, Process & Technology

People, Process, Tech

Digital Transformation requires you to change the entire fabric of your business. Our approach delivers every single time. 
Business Growth

Business Growth

With our proven methods, we are delivering value to our customers who are all seeing growth on their bottom-line.

The Team

Founder & CEO – Sanjay Patel

Technical Manager – Adrian Jordan

Market Strategist UK & Nordics – David Mcleod

Market Strategist South America – Douglas Sousa

Market Strategist USA – Terell Jones

Industrial IoT Market Strategist – Cevn Vibert

Cloudtexo Team

Our mission is to make you successful. That’s our goal!

I’m sure you can tell, our approach is different, but proven. Our portfolio is truly game-changing and our people are experts.

We’ve worked with the world’s largest & heavily regulated customers and we always strive to learn so we can improve.

Contact us, let us show you, that working with us, the leading distribution service provider, is the best decision you’ll make.

Reach The Top

Official Partnerships

AppTec360 International Distributor

Better Mobile Distributor EMEA

Belarc Distributor EMEA

Certified Samsung KNOX Partner

CloudAlly Distributor EMEA

AppKnox Distributor EMEA

Splashtop Distributor EMEA

Lavelle Networks Distributor EMEA

Cloudtexo Team

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