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Next Generation IT Distribution

Distributor Service Provider (DSP) for Cloud, Mobile & IOT!

Cloudtexo are solution & service specialists in Hybrid IT,  Mobility Management, Risk Management (Cloud/Mobile/IOT), Digital Signage, Supply Chain & Kiosks and Custom-Made Mobile Hardware.

Hybrid IT

Disruptive Technologies

Hybrid IT

The hybrid approach to enterprise computing allows an organisation to take advantage of both in-house and cloud-based services. We’ve got the solutions to make this truly successful!


Cloud, Mobile & IOT

Risk Management

Making the decision to migrate to the cloud & mobilise your business is the easy part. Doing it unsuccessfully will cost you signifcantly. We’ve got what you need to guarantee success!

Hybrid IT 

Cloud Computing is often defined as the end goal for all IT departments but that is not often the case. Cost, complexity, risk, compliance, security & too much choice in most cases are the factors for you to go Hybrid. To move towards a Hybrid setup, you need to future-proof your business.

Cloud & Mobility 

As cloud computing & mobility are intertwined and coupled with IT security are the key drivers for digital transformation, businesses have to embrace the change that their users demand. With the Consumerisation of IT the driving force for mobility, you no longer have a choice to make mobile work.


Securing users who now access corporate information from many different devices and locations can no longer be an afterthought when you move towards digital enablement. You must protect users, data, devices etc which adds multiple layers of complexity to succeed with digital transformation.

Risk Mitigation

Before you digitise your infrastructure you need to ensure that you fully understand the business and the technical risk. Risk Management and the tools to discover and lower your risk must be carried out not only before you go digital but it becomes a constant and ongoing process. 

Next Generation IT Distributor with
over 25 years’ experience

Cloudtexo delivers solutions to Service providers, Telco’s, ISV’s, MSP’s & IT Resellers in numerous countries across multiple continents.

Our disruptive & exclusive portfolio combined with our fantastic support is the perfect platform for any type of IT project that helps you digitally transform your business and take advantage of Cloud, Mobile & IOT. Rest assured you’re in good hands!


Exclusive Solution


Years Experience




Technical Support


Here are a few reasons that you’ll loveCloudtexo


Our superb team, collectively, has many years experience in technology which in turn benefits you when you are working with them on your projects.


Our exclusive portfolio is full of emerging disruptive technology that deliver essential, proven, powerful & critical solutions that are quite frankly amazing.


Our portfolio & partnerships are built on trust, knowledge & expertise. Because of this credibility,  we provide the best that the market has to offer

Cloud, Mobile & IOT

With major expertise in Cloudbut especially in Mobile & IOT, we are superbly placed to advise you on how to integrate mobile & IOT into your business.


Working with our vendor partners, we deliver 24/7 support giving you peace of mind that if you ever have a support issue, we are here to help you.

Risk Management

We know first hand that Cloud, Mobile & IOT isn’t simple, it involves major risks. Our no-holds bar expertise ensures we can lower your IT risk.

Not sure which technology is right for you? Contact us and we’ll help you choose
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“We work very closely with Cloudtexo & we are very happy with the fantastic service they deliver to our team”


Bogdan Manea

(Chief CIS Officer, European Union Monitoring Mission)

"We are extremely proud to be nominated as a finalist in the category of the "Security Distributor of the Year 2017". We thank our team and our loyal customers who work together in unity to deliver solutions that enable businesses to significantly lower the IT risk and enable secure collaboration".

Sanjay Patel

(Founder & CEO, Cloudtexo)

Cloudtexo is the true next generation IT Distributor that give us an enormous amount of value with a superb technology portfolio. They are the Europe’s best kept secret in IT Distribution. I thoroughly recommend you use them



Andrew Payne

(Director, Edentec IT & Communications)

Having achieved significant international growth year-after-year, we are delighted we made the correct decision choosing a distributor who understand the market and are truly focused on Mobile & Security



Sahin Tugcular

(CEO, AppTec360 GmbH)


“Friendly & knowledgeable distributors of cutting-edge Mobile & Cybersecurity technology. An absolute pleasure to work with.”



Mark Tinder

(Network Administrator, Benjamin Steel)

Cloudtexo deliver cost-effective enterprise-grade Mobile & Cybersecurity products that our highly-regulated customers continue to purchase. We’d happily continue to recommend their portfolio to our customers



Elwin Jepson

(Director, ComTeam IT Solutions)

"We worked with the Cloudtexo team for an internal mobility project. Their knowledge coupled with the first class service we received was outstanding. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them to any other business undertaking a mobility project"


Charles Crenshaw

(VP, Field Service, Flogistix)

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