Automated Hybrid Cloud Management at Scale

The CloudFX platform fulfills the potential of multi-cloud management through real-time analytics, profound insights, and remediation solutions. It aids in efficiently handling and optimizing cloud usage and management agnostically.

CloudFX for Hybrid Cloud Management & Optimization

Single Console for Public Cloud & On-Premise Infrastructure

A state-of-the-art platform, paired with our consulting services, can assist you in building optimized capabilities for managing cloud operations, financial accountability, and governance. Perfect for teams spread in multiple locations.

Optimization Equals Significant Cost Savings

CloudFX addresses the intricate obstacles of multi/hybrid-cloud management. Equipped with predictive analytics, it pinpoints and resolves operational concerns like costs, intricacies, and governance efficiently.

Cloud Optmization

Hybrid Cloud

CloudSelectFX facilitates organisations in transitioning smoothly and cost-effectively to hybrid cloud ecosystems.


CloudFX and FinOps brings financial accountability to the variable spend model associated with IT and cloud billing.

Simplify Operations

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Your Premium Hybrid Cloud Management & Optimization Platform

Single Pane of Glass

SinglePaneFX, an innovative tech  maximises multi-cloud management potential. It provides real-time analytics, deep insights, and solutions to enhance cloud usage efficiently and impartially.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics entails utilising statistical methods and modelling techniques to anticipate future outcomes. By analysing current and past data patterns, one can predict the likelihood of these patterns recurring.


FinOps fosters collaboration among IT, Engineering, Finance, Procurement, and the business. It empowers IT to evolve into a service-oriented organisation that prioritises adding value to the business through cloud technology.


ObservabilityFX is an advanced open-source framework offering vendor-agnostic APIs, SDKs, and tools. It facilitates collecting telemetry data from cloud-native apps and infrastructure to boost performance and health insights.


A state-of-the-art platform, can assist enterprises in developing streamlined capabilities for managing cloud operations, financial responsibility, and governance, particularly for teams spread across various geographic locations.


Organisations struggle to maintain strong security amid increasing cyber incidents. Challenges include crafting secure policies and choosing tools to boost security. CloudFX eliminates issues that time-consuming and costly tools often used.

CxO Dashboard

A CxO dashboard is designed to share with C-level executives in the organization for tracking business performance, observing operations, gaining insights, and real-time cost monitoring. It provides leaders with instant visibility of organizational data.

Hybrid Cloud

CloudFX fulfils the potential of multi-cloud management through offering real-time analytics, profound insights, and remedial measures to efficiently handle and enhance cloud consumption and management in a neutral manner.


Other Features & Benefits

Capacity and Performance Planning
Compliance and Regulation Configs
Enterprise-ready security monitoring
Threat Detection and Response
Reporting with Custom Options
Telemetry Data Collection
Asset Attack Detection
Inventory Management
Controls OPEX with usage analytics
Role-Based Access Controls
Vulnerability Detector
FinOps Ready

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