Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to a software distribution model where apps are hosted by a cloud provider and accessed by end users via the internet.

Kiosks, Signage, POS

Multiple Industries are evolving through attended and unattended self-service solutions to enhance customer experiences across the world.


Tech Networking encompasses interconnected devices, spanning from PCs and smartphones to IoT devices enabling to talk to each other.


Biometrics is the method used to identify and authenticate individuals reliably and swiftly through their unique biological characteristics.


The fundamental role of cybersecurity is safeguarding the devices we rely on and the services we utilize - whether online or at work - against theft or harm.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT comprises a network of devices, sensors, apps, and related networking tools that collaborate to gather, supervise, and scrutinize data from industrial activities.


RFID tagging utilizes compact devices that employ radio frequencies for data transfer, primarily for tracking & identification of business assets.

Service Providers

A service provider is a business entity that offers services to another party. The relationship between a service provider and a company is usually regulated by a service agreement.


Google has expanded its portfolio to encompass a diverse range of products and services, extending well beyond its flagship Google Search.


Microsoft is a prominent worldwide supplier of computer software, hardware for computers, mobile devices, and gaming systems, as well as cloud services.


Apple designs, develops, and markets electronics, computer software, and online services for consumers and businesses worldwide.

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