Building Integrity with Biometrics Devices


Only Premium Quality Full Proof Biometric Readers Accurate Authentication

Biometrics are now fast becoming a standard policy across a wide variety of use cases including elections, border control and police to military plus more. Biometric devices must be certified & compliant.

Biometric Hand with Binary Code

Fingerprints and Digital

We manufacture digital devices that read fingerprints which utilize premium quality hardware and components. This hardware is used around the world turning fingerprints into standards for multiple use cases.


Not All Fingerprint Readers are the Same

Some of the market leading RMM tools (SolarWinds and Kaseya) have been hacked in recent times causing significant downtime, loss of business and credibility among their MSP customer base.


Iris Scanning is No Longer Fiction

Iris scanning is now a mainstream reality. If you need a mobile device with this layer of biometric security, we got you covered.


Mobile Devices with Iris Scanning Provides Even Greater Accuracy

There are many unique points of comparison that exist for each iris compared to 40 on a fingerprint, making it easier than ever before to identify someone by their eye! We deliver these types of devices.


UEM Manages Your Biometric Devices

Reagrdless of what device you are using for your use case, a device management solution is a pre-requsite.


We Build and Provide Plug'n'Play Certified Biometric Devices

Scanning the entire hand is fast becoming the reality for regulated markets and the services they deliver. We provide biometric devices  that are proven to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Access Control Unit

Authentication with Mobile

If you require 2-factor authentication, then Mobile has replaced the traditional token. By using an UEM solution, you'll deliver biometric authentication on-demand, by using the fingerprint or iris function with your smartphone or tablet for security


Mobility Solves The Password Problems

Mobile Smartphones and Tablets are built with biometric capabilities. With UEM platforms combined, you'll be able to deliver secure authentication to your business application in the simplest way.

Mobile Devices with Fingerprint

Processing Biometric Data

With Biometric data being driven in the form of a device, we ensure the devices have the capabilities to ensure that they are not only secure, but the chipset supports it.


Protect & Process Biometric Data Deep at the Chip Level

To process biometric efficiently, the most appropriate and secure way of doing so is to have your device and application working in tandem with a secure chipset that is proven to process data quickly.

Chip in Shield