The Most Secure OS for VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

eLux® is a lightweight, Linux-based OS that's hardware-agnostic and secure. Tailored for scaling end-user computing in VDI and DaaS setups, this x86 OS meets evolving company needs and can easily replace a Windows ThinClient.

Unicon eLux OS

Deliver a Secure & Consistent Employee Experience 24/7/365

Organizations can utilise the Linux-based OS to provide a consistent employee experience to their diverse, distributed, and mobile workforce, meeting business needs and adapting to modern work styles.

Replace Windows OS for a Secure Linux OS

By replacing the Microsoft Windows OS with eLux® across your endpoint estate, you'll eliminate the signficant costs and complexity of Windows and its licensing while increasing security.

Unicon ThinClient Access


ThinMicro™ by Cloudtexo is an affordable, ultra-lightweight, and secure ThinClient, equipped with eLuxOS® at its core.

Eliminate the Attack Surface

eLux® and its management software, Scout, is built with a Secure-by-Design Architecture to eliminate threats and risks.


eLux® is the standard solution in many of the largest VDI installations in the world with its ability to scale to on-demand.


Your Ultimate Operating System for End User Computing (EUC)

Linux Security

Empowers businesses to securely implement digital workspaces using a reliable, hardware-agnostic, Linux-based operating system alongside a strong endpoint management solution.


Organisations are continually striving to strike a balance between traditional on-premises and VDI setups and the emerging SaaS-based digital workspace landscapes.

Unicon eLux for VDI and DaaS

VDI & DaaS Ready

eLux® from Unicon works with all VDI and Digital Workspace Providers including Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Windows 365, Nutanix Frame.

Cost Effective

eLux® stands out not just for its cost-effectiveness , but also for its versatile licensing models that cater to various markets and service provider structures.

Secure Access

eLux® operates in read-only mode without data stored at the endpoint. This  limits the attack surface and ensure secure access to apps and data.


An ultra lightweight, purpose-built, powerful ThinClient embedded with eLux® that uses less computational power, yet delivers secure access to your DaaS/VDI.


Manage end-point device security through granular configuration methods deliver fewer potential entry points for malware and unauthorized users.


The Digital Employee Experience guarantees seamless user interactions, effortless updates, flawless video calls, and the prevention of delays & interruptions.


Other Features & Benefits

Hardware Agnostic
x86 Operating Model
Automated Reporting
Web-Based Portal
ThinMicro™ Certified
Scout Management
Firmware Configuration
Fat Client Migrations
MSP Licensing Model
Monthly Billing
Modern UI & UX
Anti-Virus Removal

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