Proactively Manage Your Global Device Fleet & Reduce TCO

Get a better handle on your Android, IOS & Chromebook devices with data-driven intelligence. Get insights with deep and accurate analytics including security, that is visible in a single console, giving you actionable capabilities for every device.

Global Map and Device Fleet

Proactively Track, Analyse & Troubleshoot Your Device Fleet

Total cost of ownership has long been a deciding factor in selecting mobile devices for your workforce. But as with all things, the future is now and there are many ways to reduce those pesky TCO costs without sacrificing performance or capability!

Silent Security & Data Control For Mobile

Granular intelligence into your device fleet, with mobile security is the only proven way to deliver exact digital experience monitoring.

Mobile in Hand with Security Icon

Control Your Data

Delivers smart, intuitive control of the corporate mobile plan to ensure compliant use. It helps you avoid legal & security issues and mobile bill shock.

Eliminate Support Calls

Monitor your employees' experience with smartphones and tablets, detect problem proactively so you can troubleshoot faster

Real-Time Insights

With innovative and insightful analytics, you can make changes to your policies based on the trends that you identify across your mobile estate.


The Ultimate Digital Experience Monitoring For Your Device Fleet

Reduce Support

Equip your IT and operations teams with both real-time and historical mobile analytics to foresee possible issues, averting any business interruptions.

With or Without EMM

By harnessing real-time mobile analytics, you can monitor the health of your company's mobile devices and proactively analyse past data to prevent downtime efficiently.

Analytics & Reporting

Data collected from your device fleet, whether historical or real-time, presents a trove of insights to bolster proactive, preventive, and predictive capabilities, offering a distinct advantage.

Export RAW Data

Incorporate the data into your chosen service console to centralise device information for quick diagnosis, or utilise Samoby's dashboard.

Granular Analytics and Reporting

Mobile Automation

Leverage your data to empower proactive capabilities, enabling correlation, analysis, and automation of actions. Instantly respond to device issues with automation.

In-built Mobile Threat Defence - MTD)

In-Built Security

The mobile threat defence integrated within the Aternity Mobile platform enables mobility teams to access an unparalleled level of intelligence for proactive protection.

Battery Health Analytics for Mobile

Battery Analytics

Comprehending the key factors leading to battery failures empowers enterprises, device manufacturers, and MSPs to preemptively tackle device issues as they arise, thereby eradicating downtime.

Cost Savings

Multiple Cost Savings

Businesses can realise cost efficiencies across their entire mobile infrastructure, uncovering hidden costs, through the strategic use of gathered mobile insights.


Other Features & Benefits

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Policy-Based Controls
Self-Service Notifications
Automated Group Data Limits
API Integration for Third Party Apps
Connectivity & WiFi Analytics
Monitoring and Alerting Engine
Geo-App Blocking Service
Reporting & Analytics
Forensic Data Search
Insider Threat Detection
Data Control Policy Engine

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