Deluxe Custom-Built Android™ Devices

Our deep expertise in unifying premium quality hardware with the Android™ OS allows us to manufacture you a long-lasting premium quality secure mobile device of any size and configuration.

Custom Made Android Smartphone with GMS

Build Your Deluxe Superior Quality Android™ Mobile Devices to Meet Your Exact Requirement

"You can grow your business with our help"  We provide you a simple, scalable and an embedded technology and hardware portfolio that is built to deliver as-a service. Wrap around your own range of services to provide premium customer value. We'll support you every step of the way!

Machine Making Mobile Tablets

Lower Cost Than Off-The-Shelf Products

We offer custom built devices for your specific needs and we can customize any aspect of it to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Only Built with the Finest Components

We have a strict quality assurance process for all of our products to ensure that they are top-of the line, and deliver on their promise.

Build Specifically For Your Exact Use Case

With our flexible device specifications, you can get exactly what your business needs without paying a premium price.

Integrated MDM & Apps at Factory

With the included certified Android device management solution, you can easily deploy your own business apps to ensure a fast and simple installation process.


Our Defined Strategy Will Give You a Premium Product

Google Android with Blurred Smartphone

There are a lot of factors that go into making the perfect Android™ product and we know how to deliver this for sure.

With years of experience in this field, we can build a premium product as we fully understand how to unify hardware and software.

From understanding your needs, technological specifications to product certifications, we make sure you have understood everything you need before anything else is even considered.

We've got all bases covered from design and development, engineering through to manufacturing, so there's nothing holding us back when it comes to quality assurance and true customer satisfaction!


The Advantages of Manufacturing Custom Android™ Mobile Devices


We are experts in the field of hardware and software unification. We help you save time, money by providing an up-to date operating system that best suits your product

Premium Quality

Every detail matters. That's why we only use the highest-quality components for our products, so you'll experience a premium user experience.

Our Processes

Our factories are always on time and they never miss a beat when it comes to delivering premium quality devices at an immense scale. Our manufacturing process is concise and proven.

Design Quality

Mass-production is not without risks. We use a proven design process that ensures reliability and lifetime tested before mass production, so you can be confident in your product as well!

Technical Expertise

We are committed to the highest standards of quality, and our team members work hard every day so that you can enjoy your product as soon as possible.

Electronic Standards

With our certified products, you can rest assured that they meet the highest global standards. We ensure certtifications so safety is never compromised!

Fast Production

With our automated factory machines, we can produce at significant scale with less failures. This means faster production and delivery time for you!

GMS Certification

With our devices, you can enjoy a seamless Google experience. We have been certified by GMS to provide full integration with their ecosystem of apps and services


Commercial Advantages of Premium Quality Android Mobile Devices

Integrated MDM/UEM

We offer a service that is unique in the industry. We integrate native MDM/UEM functions deep into the OS layer for extended, enhanced & secure features.

Low Cost & Quick ROI

We make it easier than ever to get started with a new device. We offer the most affordable prices on market and an incredible return of investment and with a low TCO.

Integrated Security

We take security very seriously and that's why we make sure our product passes all the necessary checks at both hardware & software levels.

Technology ROI

The low cost of our devices offers a great return on investment as they keep budget stakeholders happy and project success within reach.

Brand Recognition

The best of both worlds. The branded, white-labelled option is yours with your incredible logo burnt into every piece you sell or market!

No Bloatware

We love our stock Android experience! We've got a clean, OS with no unnecessary apps slowing you down or draining battery life.

Superior Capabilities

We're here to teach you about the full capabilities of your device and help make sure that it's delivering its potential for ultimate value.


We have a wide array of customisation options for your device. You can be sure that we'll make it unique, perfect to you without any issues!

It's Easy To Get Started

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We Truly Understand How to Blend Hardware and the Android™ OS Which Allows us to Deliver a Premium Unified Product at a Low Cost.