Deluxe Custom-Built Android Devices

Our deep expertise in top quality hardware & android software allows us to unify both elements and manufacture you a long-lasting premium quality secure mobile device of any size.

Custom Made Android Smartphone with GMS

Build Your Deluxe Superior Quality Android Mobile Devices to Meet Your Exact Requirement

"You can grow your business with our help"  We provide you a simple and scalable technology and hardware portfolio that is built to deliver as-a service. Wrap around your own range of services to provide premium customer value. We'll support you every step of the way!

Machine Making Mobile Tablets

Lower Cost Than Off-The-Shelf Products

Our devices are built to order and you can choose any spec you desire, to ensure you have the best possible device for your exact use case.

Only Built with the Finest Components

We only use the finest quality parts to ensure that our final product is always premium quality. The ultimate value is to the user of the device.

Build Specifically For Your Exact Use Case

You are no longer required to purchase costly devices for simple use cases. We build exactly the specification required for your exact need.

Integrated MDM & Apps at Factory

Our certified Android device management (AppTec360) is included as standard and you can add your own apps too for a simple & fast deployment of your device.


Our Defined Strategy Will Give You a Premium Product

There are a lot of factors that go into making the perfect product. From understanding your needs, technological specifications to product certifications, we make sure you have understood everything you need before anything else is even considered.

We've got all bases covered from design and development, engineering through to manufacturing, so there's nothing holding us back when it comes to quality assurance and true customer satisfaction!


The Advantages of Manufacturing Custom Android Mobile Devices


Our hardware & software unification process is a fine art. This saves you a lot of time, money and gives you the most up-to-date OS

Premium Quality

We only use premium components for our devices. The smallest detail always delivers top quality products

Our Processes

Our factories run like clockwork as they are built to deliver premium quality devices at a enormous scale

Design Quality

We use a compliant and proven design process to ensure device reliability & lifecycle tested before mass production

Technical Expertise

Our factory have passed the recognized ISO certification 9001:2015 for Quality Management

Electronic Standards

We ensure that our products are always certified with standards required for markets incl CE/FCC/BIS/SABS etc

Fast Production

The automated factory machines we use enables us to deliver our products at significant scale with less failures in a fast time.

GMS Certification

Our devices are delivered with full GMS certification giving you full integration to the Google Ecosystem of Apps & Services


Commercial Advantages of Premium Quality Android Mobile Devices

Integrated MDM/UEM

Our MDM/UEM platform from AppTec360 is integrated deep into the OS layer for instant enrolment & mgmt.

Low Cost & Quick ROI

Our devices are much cheaper than off-the-shelf devices giving you a massive budget advantage and quick ROI.

Integrated Security

We take security very seriously and with Android being very secure, we ensure that our product passes security checks.

Quick ROI

With the cost of our devices very low, the payback is often in a few months keeping budget stakeholders happy.

Brand Recognition

Ensure your brand is etched onto the hardware and into the software for the ultimate branded white-labelled option.

No Bloatware

We use stock Android for which does not contain any additional apps and services that impact your device performance.

Superior Capabilities

Our product experts can teach and support you to truly understand the full capabilities of the device for the ultimate value.


Our device customisation capabilities are second to none and where possible. we'll customise even GMS certified devices.

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We truly understand hardware and software which allows us to deliver a unified product that sets you apart from your competitors!