The Most Affordable, Scalable & Secure SD-WAN

Ethica deliver a powerful purpose-built affordable SD-WAN,, driven by a lightweight architecture, QoS, lowest cost on the market & application assurance with bonded & highly-available connectivity incl broadband & cellular.

Ethica SD-WAN with Connected Devices

Eliminate MPLS With Broadband Connections, SIM Cards & CPEs

Simplify your WAN by eliminating expensive MPLS networks and hardware by replacing it with public Broadband links, LTE/Fixed Wireless and inexpensive Client Premises Equipment (CPE)

The SD-WAN For The Modern Digital Enterprise

Ethica SD-WAN is a next generation WAN solution that provides the performance, reliability, security and scalability needed for today's demanding digital applications.

Modern Enterprise Building

Affordable For Everyone

The cost of SD-WAN has always outweighed the benefits. Ethica's CloudAccess is truly affordable.

Bond Multiple Connections

Scale network bandwidth in any location in the easiest and most affordable way with CloudAccess.

Ensure Uptime

Bonding multiple connections from multiple carriers & networks will deliver you high-availability and auto-failover.


Your Ultimate Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)


Take your brand to the next level by turning our solution into your own fully whitelabelled SD-WAN-as-Service.

Service Provider Ready

Built specifically for any Service Provider to take a powerful network service and turn it into a new revenue stream.


Bonding combinations of network connections incl Fibre, SIM's etc delivers increases in connectivity and zero-downtime.

Network Security

More than just a VPN, a true combination of features combined create that seamless scalable security layer.

Low Cost

Cost has always been the inhibitor for SD-WAN until now. Our SD-WAN delivers a premium product without a premium price.

End-to-End Platform

SD-WAN is an absolute necessity for going Digital. Ethica deliver a platform that has everything you need to be a success.

Certified CPEs

We supply certified hardware giving you that insurance that our SD-WAN will always work and give you 24/7/365 access.

Orchestrate & Automate

SD-WAN automation is the key to success. With its powerful in-built learning capabilities, your network is always the best it can be.


Other Features & Benefits.

Certified with Advantech Hardware
Granular Application Control
Network Policy Control
Certified Custom-Built Hardware
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
Role-Based Access Control
Carrier Independent Platform
Integrated WiFi Management
Zero-Touch Provisioning
Multi-Tenant Platform
Same IP Failover for Critical Apps

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