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We have many years experience in building top quality hardware and unifying it with software to deliver an end-product that you'll come back to use our service again.

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Discover The Process On How We Take Extreme Care In Helping You Build Your Perfect Product

Custom-designed products are an important part of Cloudtexo's business, but designing them takes time.

A customized unit to meet your needs requires a lot more work on our end than just ordering off the shelf units!

We take extreme care and detail in order for you to not only get what we think will be perfect, as per specifications given by both parties involved during this process--we also make sure you're perfectly happy with it, so there'll never come any unpleasant surprises later down the line.

We Gather All The Information

At this stage, we work with you and your teams to gather all the vital infomation we need from you and you from us.

Our Conceptual Design

Our design experience over the years has helped us to understand customer needs and deliver the right concept.

Our Electronic Engineering

Build electornic devices is a fine art and our engineering teams always get this right. By not doing so, your product will fail.

Our Mechanical Engineering

Putting everything together to make it all fit is made easy because our engineers have years of collective experience of working together.

The Prototype

This is where the test is. We build you a unit (or three) where you can check how we deliver a premium product with a fantastic user experience.

Your Approval and Production

Once you've had time to test the prototype and are truly happy, we arrange everything to turn your sample product into mass production.


We Ask You The Questions To Start the Process

Question Marks with different lights

Cloudtexo wants to know about your hopes for the product design, but also how we can help you grow and maintain a successful company.

By understanding what makes you as an individual and business tick (in terms of both strategy & marketing), not only will the partnership result in increased sales; it'll make life easier on all fronts!

The more insight we have into our customers' needs--the better able you'll be at reaching your goals with our assistance.

Cloudtexo will ask a lot of questions to make sure we get the information necessary for designing your quality product.

We'll also consider what's important and not so much, as well as any requirements or preferences you have before making suggestions about how things could work best in our experience with this type of hardware design on other projects like yours.

At the end of all that discussion, we've got an idea list (with input!) ready which can go into consideration when developing the final product-- delivering exactly what is needed within any given constraints!


We'll Design Your Product That Scales & Meets Your Budget

Problem Solution Image with Problem Crossed Out

Based on your input we will narrow down the possibilities for a custom product. We'll share these with you in different forms such as spec sheets, 2D drawings or 3D models and video conferences if needed..

At this point Cloudtexo makes sure that our design meets all requirements while staying within limits of cost & lead time, which are very important factors when making purchase decisions like yours.

It's crucial you stay informed throughout each phase from beginning until the delivery of goods.

Cloudtexo tends not only to rely heavily upon your (the customer) desires but also wants you involved in every step along way – even down to choosing colors.

This stage we find can be the most important as this sets the benchmark for the product you ultimately want to build.


The Electronic Standards Are Key to a Premium Product

Green Circuit Board

Next, we get down and dirty with the circuit boards themselves.

We have a team of manufacturers who we work with exclusively, and regularly so customization can happen here in-house from start to finish!

Our products aren't just designed for expand-ability when customizing your board layout dependent on the product - never fear if there are design constraints preventing this kind of flexibility though.

This is because all our off-the shelf items come pre-programmed so they're ready at any time, without waiting on programming equipment like other companies may use.


The Mechanics are Crucial to Delivering Viable Products

Designed Image with Circles

Concurrently with the electrical design aspect, we are also working on the mechanical design.

Here we make decisions about how a product (unit) should be made - for example CNC manufacturing can be more expensive but it's quick and easy to change if needed; whereas tooling has high upfront costs that cannot be modified at all times resulting in less per unit price points (which depends entirely upon what inputs were given).

This choice will depend largely from customer input during early phases of project development.

A large part of the mechanical engineering is determining “will it fit”. There can be a trade-off between cost and space, so we'll have you choose which options are key here.

Electrical engineers play their own role in our discussion too - with changes made by an internal electrical component like (battery capacity) potentially changing what kind or shape any new casing needs to take on.

Rest assured: We've got experience doing these kinds modifications without surprises popping up as well.


The Proof is in the Pudding with our Prototype

Detailed Reports Being Created

After Cloudtexo and you have reviewed the outputs from our engineering team, we'll determine what is needed for validation of your design.

When building a custom solution or an original product specification, our experienced designers will create prototypes.

These are vital in ensuring that products meet customers' requirements not only aesthetically but also functionally.

Without this step there would be no way to verify if all aspects function properly until it hits production!

In some cases where time isn't on our side though (such as during demanding timelines), test reports can come into play which may help speed things up slightly while still keeping the premium quality high.


Turning Your Dream into Reality in the Quickest Time

Machine Packing Mobile Device

Every custom product no matter how big, how small or at what cost, is built to your exact specifications and confirmed by a prototype.

Once the validation process has been completed, production can begin in earnest with delivery timelines specified before moving on to mass-produced models of the product as well!

Mass production lead times vary and this can be based on availability of parts, other orders, shipping disruptions etc.

Either way, the wait is always lessened on the more you buy from us, as trust is built, not just verbally over time, but through a premium quality product delivered to you.

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