The Only True Replacement for VMware Virtualization

VergeOS, is a powerful software solution which revolutionizes datacenter virtualization with its all-in-one approach. By streamlining operations and eliminating the need for multiple tools, VergeOS drastically reduces costs & delivers efficiency.

VergeOS - VMware Replacement

50% Less Expensive, Seamless Migration & Better Performance

VergeIO virtualizes essential components for running Windows or Linux workloads by pooling compute, network, storage, and GPUs from bare metal servers. This global resource pool enables the creation of multi-tenant nested virtual data centers

You Need Superior Ransomware Protection

Ransomware encryption causes significant unique data writes due to VergeIO's global deduplication technology. Restore from a snapshot prior to that encryption to rescue data from ransomware.

VergeOS - Ransomware Protection

Truly Economical

Cut physical server needs by 35% and lower operating costs by 70%. Avoid the hassle of replacing and migrating storage and network setups. A single platform built for long-term use.

Easily Scalable

Scales up to hundreds of nodes and petabytes of storage. Scales down to shoebox-sized data centers for Edge Computing. Scales out to support a variety of workloads.

Run Absolutely Anywhere

A single, robust data center operating system designed for enterprise data centers, small data centers, remote offices, or edge locations. You choose location without limitation.


Your Only Ultraconverged
Infrastructure (UCI) Stack

Per Node Pricing

VergeOS presents a budget-friendly option to VMware, Nutanix and others, featuring Node-based pricing that is 50% more economical, liberating users from intricate and complex pricing models.

Seamless VMware Migration

Seamless Migration

Migrating to VergeOS from VMware is effortlessly facilitated by IOmigrate. VergeOS utilises VMware's change block tracking technology to create a live replica of your virtual machines.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware encryption leads to significant data writes, thanks to VergeIO's sophisticated global deduplication tech. To retrieve data post-ransom, revert to a snapshot captured pre-encryption.


Adjust your scale horizontally or vertically as needed. VergeIO efficiently organises and uses fresh resources. Include only essential resources without specific CPU, RAM, or storage ratios.

Nvidia GPU Virtualization

Nvidia Ready

NVIDIA's computing platforms offer the foundational support for cutting-edge applications. VergeOS has the capability to segment and allocate GPU resources that scale to any user on-demand.

Any Hardware

VergeOS works on any hardware platform so you can spin up your infrastructure on either existing hardware or mix and match between old and new hardware like UCIstack from Cloudtexo.

Disaster Recovery

VergeIO's IOprotect allows near-real-time replication of VMware Virtual Machines to a remote disaster recovery site. Organizations can cut VMware DR costs by over 60%. and boost the workloads they safeguard.

Multi-Tenant Virtual Datacenters


Easily set up a completely separate virtual data centre within minutes using VergeOS recipes. These recipes are secure, compliant, and can be tailored to your specific compute resource requirements from your global pool.


Other Features & Benefits

Secure Multi-Nested Tenency
Infra-Recipe Marketplace
Multi-Level Snapshot/Restores
Unlimited Virtual Data Centers
Global Remote Management
Native Backup
Storage Multi Tiering
Global Data Deduplication
Central Remote Management
VXLans and Port Bonding
Automated Health Scanning

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