Superior Android™ Operating System

We enhance the vanilla stock Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) to create your essential ingredient, which you can seamlessly integrate into your hardware for endless monetization opportunities.

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Build Your Perfectly Superior Android™ Operating System to Match Your Product Expectation

Android™ stands as the leading Mobile & IoT operating system globally, yet its complexity poses challenges for diverse development endeavors. Enter Cloudtexo to streamline the process.

We enhance and customise AOSP for a variety of hardware platforms, allowing you to concentrate on crafting your exceptional Android app without the burden of managing the code beneath it.

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Faster Prototyping, Testing & Deployment

Benefit from our proficiency and ready-made integrations to kickstart your project, guiding it seamlessly through every phase until it's deployment-ready.

Enhanced Performance and Functionality

The potential of our software is limitless! We have the capability to elevate the Android operating system by leveraging the newest features, eliminating the need to invest in costly hardware.

Supersize Your Product Experience

We aim to eliminate any obstacles preventing your business from leveraging technology. Our tailored solutions make adoption seamless and straightforward, leaving you with no more excuses!

Deepest Level of Protection and Security

We will keep you updated with the newest developments from Firmware to Security Patches. You can also have complete control over the timing of these updates on your hardware, ensuring it remains up-to-date according to your schedule!


Our Proven Expertise is Your Clear Differentiator

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Cloudtexo has honed the craft of developing Android™ products over several years. We possess the expertise required to create exceptional Android products.

We seamlessly integrate the Android OS into the hardware, adhering to best practices. This allows us to craft a bespoke product tailored precisely to your specifications and use case.

We adhere to thorough procedures in our software integration process, subjecting your product to stringent testing to uphold the highest standards. This meticulous approach guarantees your complete satisfaction with your purchase.

Purchasing a custom product from us guarantees a high-quality, meticulously crafted item designed to offer years of dependable service.


The Advantages of Building Your Custom Android™ Operating System

Custom Android Firmware

Custom Firmware

Through access to your device's source code, we have the expertise to develop a bespoke firmware solution tailored precisely to meet its requirements.

HAL/AOSP Development


HAL acts as the intermediary between hardware and software, empowering us to maximize its full potential and to deliver maximum value.

Kernel Development

Kernel Development

We develop a tailored kernel to optimize your app's performance - utilizing system resources with the utmost efficiency.

F/OTA Updates

F/OTA Updates

Experience peace of mind with our products, thoughtfully designed with the latest features and functions for your convenience.

Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering

With our unparalleled blend of hardware and software proficiency, we are the perfect manufacturer to develop a product that exceeds expectations!

Port to Any Hardware

Port to Any Hardware

We oversee our hardware production to create a product with an unparalleled edge: a smooth operating system experience.

In-Built EMM

In-Built EMM

Incorporating a device management solution can streamline administrative tasks, enhance security, and enable powerful automation round the clock, all year round.

Framework Ready

Framework Ready

We comprehend your software preferences and leverage our skilled resources to guarantee a seamless delivery of impeccable application frameworks.


Your Market Sector and Your Android™ Products That We Will Build For You

Retail Shop


Retailers are revolutionizing the customer experience with cutting-edge technologies and services, drastically transforming the sector as we know it.



Healthcare is boldly driving its own digital revolution, delivering tailored treatments and secure data management for patients to access services with ease.


Industry 4.0

Industrial businesses are leveraging IoT technology to revolutionize operations - reducing costs & inefficiencies while providing 24/7/365 optimization.

Consruction Vehicle


Construction companies strive to stay ahead of the competition, and we offer products that can help make their work easier and more productive.

Transport & Logistics Vehicle

Transport & Logistics

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is revolutionizing both business and consumer markets, with mobile solutions at the vanguard of digital transformation.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

Mobile & IoT product innovation is creating a sea of change towards services that offer convenience, affordability & immediate access.

Bank Building

Banking & Fintech

Mobile-first & IoT with in-built security from customer-facing devices, in-house banking to mobile banking, digital transformation is here.

Government Building


The government is revolutionizing its operations by harnessing the power of Mobile technology and IoT devices to for digital transformation!

Police Officer

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials require reliable, secure solutions for their ever-changing tasks.
Digital Transformation is fast improving this industry.



Automotive is rapidly evolving into a tech-driven powerhouse, leveraging the full power of modern Mobile, AI and IoT to deliver transformative change.



With the power of Mobile, AI and IoT, our planet is entering a new age of agriculture. This innovative shift in agricultural efficiency significantly benefits all societies globally.


Food & Beverage

With the rise of Mobile and IoT technology, this industry's supply chain has transitioned to modernized methods for providing customers with a enhanced experience.

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Extend the Lifecycle of your Hardware with a Custom Android™ OS with Guaranteed Updates and Security Patches for up-to 5 years!