1 Remote Control for Unlimited Android Devices

Splashtop SOS makes providing remote support simple. The service is designed to get you into your users' Android devices from the AppTec360 platform without ever leaving the office, saving time and money for those users who need help right away!

Cloud connecting to many mobile devices

Remote Support Software for IT Support and Helpdesks.

With Splashtop, you can remotely connect with Android endpoints in order to provide attended or unattended support. You'll quickly diagnose and fix issues that are impacting your business productivity.

The Fast & Easy Way For Remote Mobile Support

Splashtop SOS is a powerful remote support tool that enables help desk staff to connect with unlimited Android endpoints direct from AppTec EMM.

Lady with headset answering customer call

In-built into AppTec EMM

Why waste time or money traveling, just remotely manage, support & take control of Android devices inside of AppTec EMM

Unattended Access

With remote support, IT teams can be more efficient and provide better service to users, even without them being there.

Unlimited Android Devices

No need to worry about escalating costs. Single license, single cost and unlimited Android devices direct from AppTec EMM


Your Premium Remote Support
Solution for Android Devices

Click & Connect

With the ability to click on a device and connect via AppTec EMM, you can support your users in real-time from anywhere.

Robust Security

With in-built security in a number of factors, you can rest assured that you remote access is always secure, 24/7/365.

Session Recording

Being able to record your support sessions helps not only with compliance but also training other admins and users to solve issues.

Drag & Drop Files

If you need to push a file quickly to a user directly on to a device, you can do so by pushing the file instantly with a few clicks.

Unattended Access

For devices that are remote like POS, Kiosks etc, you can access them instantly without any user interaction

High Performance

Especially for mobile, user experience is key. Always get a superb experience even if the device doesnt have the best connectivity.

In-Session Chat

Send messages directly down to the device from the AppTec console ensuring communication is possbile at all times.

Simplified Workflow

With a simple workflow direct from AppTec allows for instant support. Just click on a device and remote connect in 2 clicks.


Other Features & Benefits

Remote Reboot and Reconnect
Direct Integration with AppTec EMM
Licensed Per Admin
Splashtop App Security
Robust and Multi-Layer Security
Drag and Drop Final Transfer
Fast Remote Access with HD Quality
Remote Control Rooted Devices
Broad Android Device Support
Unattended and Attended Access
256 AES Encryption
Remote Connection Data

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