Monitor Android™ Experiences Silently

Enhance your device satisfaction & productivity. Experience complete user understanding with our real-time detection system offering more than 120 datapoints for performance, data and network issues.

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Realise Your Investment for Your Entire Fleet of Android™ Devices

With Mobile Digital Experience Monitoring (MDEM), businesses can analyze application performance on their hardware, pinpoint service issues across the delivery chain, expedite root cause identification & resolution, and improve digital transactions and customer journeys.

MDEM is a powerful tool for ensuring top-notch digital experiences for your hardware and maximizing operational efficiency across your global Android™ device fleet.

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Faster Troubleshooting

You can utilize over 120 data points to solve any device issues proactively. Identify problems with public/personal WiFi access points, downtime, coverage deficiencies, app & device malfunctions.

Reduce TCO & Deliver a Fast ROI

It's essential to comprehend the expenses involved in a technology investment for its entire duration to authenticate its profitability. Validation will ensure you have the necessary budget to make it prosperous.

Understand User Experience

You have the power to closely track hardware user experience. You can easily spot device failures, connection losses and other problems to make sure your investment lives up to its promise.

Device & Data Security Built In

To stay in control, security measures must include the expanding mobile landscape as its new perimeter. Ensure complete visibility of all mobile threats and the ability to provide valuable insight via deep mobile forensic analysis,


Device Uptime is Critical to Business Success

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In today's digital age, your Android™ device investment plays a crucial role in the success of your business. However, the external services that uphold it such as Cloud, Apps and the Internet, are not completely under your control.

This means that the quality of user experience falls solely on your shoulders.

Our Mobile Digital Experience Monitoring (MDEM) software provides a holistic view of user experience, both human and machine, whether internal or external to your business.

Our solution focuses on the Android™ experence and eliminates the need for traditional and monolithic siloed monitoring tools, which were never developed for Android™ devices.

MDEM focuses on the big picture of digital experience, which helps IT & Engineering to directly align with business objectives such as revenue and customer satisfaction. As a result, it offers invaluable and actionable insights.


The Advantages of Android™ Mobile Digital Experience Monitoring

Validated Board Design

Avoid Downtime

Offer a supercharged solution that provides the necessary operational intelligence, support, and management tools to ensure device uptime 24/7/365.

System on Chip (SOC)

Stop Helpdesk Calls

Eliminating issues that arise on both user devices & non-user driven terminals through proactive troubleshooting can significantly decrease helpdesk costs.

Experienced Team Member

Data Control

Easily establish data security & usage regulations to deliver value for every device being used. Make your data control and security simple and stress-free.

Cost Optimisation for BOM

Device Security

Offers an endpoint security solution that operates discreetly while providing a deep & comprehensive awareness of all risks and mobile threats in real-time & historically.

Firmware-over-the-Air (FOTA)

Cloud MDM Lite

For single-use device deployments, the built-in kiosk mode & the remote support tool, provides a singular solution that negates the need for traditional expensive bloated MDM platforms.

Global Industry Focus

Any Android™ Device

The Android™ OS is omnipresent. Its versatility knows no bounds, powering everything from embedded systems and HMIs to kiosks, signage, tablets and smartphones.

Creative Design Products

Low Battery

Revolutionize device management with our innovative agent that won't drain your battery. Say goodbye to unusable devices and hello to efficiency. We ensure device uptime 24/7/365.

Multi-Product Focus

Low TCO & Fast ROI

From tablets & smartphones to kiosks & wearables, our diverse range of Android™ products has you covered. See the facts that MDEM will power the full justification in your own products.


Forensic Mobile Data Analysis for Android™

Forensic Mobile Data Analysis for Mobile

Mobile Digital Experience Monitoring (MDEM) for Android™ is essential for industries that rely on sensitive data and are subject to strict compliance regulations.

From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices play a crucial role, making it imperative to ensure a seamless and secure digital experience.

Take full control of your corporate applications and data with MDEM. Unlike traditional mobile device management solutions, MDEM offers advanced capabilities to keep you compliant and secure.

Gain deep forensic insights into your data flows by app, enabling you to set limits and workflows to prevent data overage, bill shock, device theft, and ensure data security.

With MDEM, your global device fleet will always be compliant and secure, no matter the time or location.

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