Advanced Zero-Trust Clientless Remote Access for VDI & DaaS

Explore the highly-secure and scalable digital workspace with the industry's most cost-effective ownership, seamlessly complementing your current On-Premise or preferred Cloud infrastructure and identity management systems.

Cybele Software DaaS

ZeroTrust Network Access Solution  for Critical Networks & Your Apps

Prolong the lifespan and enhance the worth of your applications using Cybele. The Thinfinity Workspace solution provides secure web access and facilitates remote work, streamlining IT intricacies and liberating resources for business expansion.

Bring-Your-Own Identity Management Solution

Our identity security approach empowers businesses to uphold existing investments without the need for additional budget allocation towards new implementations. By integrating additional security layers, it ensures the protection of users and data..

Bring-Your-Own-Identity Management

Citrix & VMware Replacement

Upgrade from your current bulky, complex, and costly VDI solution to one that eliminates these obstacles.

Webify Your Windows Apps

Convert your traditional desktop applications into web-based versions effortlessly.

Remote Access to Mainframe

Access Mainframes and other Unix systems using pure HTML5 terminal emulation, without a VPN


Your ZeroTrust VDI & DaaS
Solution Stack


Attain secure and scalable remote access without intricate configurations. Robust encryption safeguards data, role-based access guarantees control, and seamless integration with existing authentication systems fosters a cohesive user experience.

Windows Apps

Access any Windows application from anywhere. Stream directly to your browser without the need for downloads. Provide secure access exclusively to authorised users. Experience the familiar touch gestures, multitasking, and direct printing features.

Desktops & Terminals

Effortlessly manage a variety of devices (Windows, Linux, macOS) and legacy terminals (SSH, Telnet) directly within your browser. No additional tools required. This simplifies IT operations, centralises resource control, and enhances UX.

Deploy Anywhere

Select from a range of deployment options tailored to your specific requirements. These include on-premises solutions, hybrid models, cloud services from Azure, AWS, GCP, Ionos Cloud, or the choice of a multi-cloud strategy.



Authenticate users with Windows or Azure AD. Utilize oauth2 for a Single-Sign-On (SSO) scheme with leading identity platforms. Employ SAML or RADIUS for 2FA, or authenticate users via Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator (TOTP/HOTP).

App Webification

Webify Your Apps

Tailored for developers, Thinfinity VirtualUI offers scalable, robust integrations for seamless deployment. Effortlessly transition your application to the web without the hassle of recoding or major modifications to your source code.

z/Scope Anywhere

The top web terminal emulator for IBM mainframes, Series, and UNIX. Access Mainframe, AS400, or Unix via a pure HTML5 terminal client. z/Scope Anywhere allows host access from various devices! IT admin and users will love it.

Priveliged Access

Thinfinity’s Resource Reservation Module simplifies temporary remote app access for employees, contractors, and vendors. Its user-friendly interface enables quick setup & approval of access, boosting security & efficiency.


Other Features & Benefits

Web-Application Gateway
VDI Manager
SAML, 0Auth & Forgerock 0Auth
VDI Automation
H264 for GPU Apps
Booking REST API
Integrated Printer Emulation
User & Session Monitoring
Web Folders
Role-based Permisson
DaaS Ready
Audit Logs and SIEM Ready

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