Custom Android™ Smart Terminals

Our hardware is always built with the worlds premium components and financial & security certifications. Our smart terminals are used for payments, elections, eID, border control, biometrics and much more.


Build Your Premium & Secure High Quality Payment Hardware

"You can grow your business with our help"  We provide you a simple and scalable technology & hardware portfolio that is built specifically to deliver as-a service. Wrap around your own services to provide premium customer value. We'll support you every step of the way!

Security Is Critical for Your Hardware

When it comes to hardware that handle payments of every kind, we make sure that the units are built with the highest levels of security and certifications.

Only Premium Components Inside

We never use cheap parts just because we can. Doing so will end up in a lot of failures and in turn unhappy customers. We only provide Premium products.

Payment Certifications Ready

There are many worldwide standards & certifications that must be met to operate in global markets. Payment certifications are crucial for our products.

Integrated Software Direct at Factory

Every hardware unit needs a management layer for lifecycle management which is embedded direct into the OS.


Hardware Security Has Never Been More Needed Than it is Today

Hardware Chip Security

There are many considerations that go into making the most secure smart terminals. From understanding your exact use case, security specifications to financial certifications, we make sure that these are definitive before we move to the next step.

We've got all bases covered from proven R&D, design & SDK's through to manufacturing at significant scale, so there's nothing holding us back when it comes to quality, quantity & integrated security.


The Advantages of Manufacturing
Smart Android™ Terminals

Biometric Security

We add and use only certified premium security functions where Biometrics drive the security needs for most requirements

Deluxe Quality

We only use premium components for our products. The smallest detail always delivers top quality premium products at a great price.

Proven Processes

Building premium products especially where financial payments are integrated requires proven processes to ensure quality.

Sector Specific

There often isn't a one-size-fits-all terminal so we build you a model that is perfectly suited for your sector and adds value.

Strict Quality Control

Our factories have passed the recognized ISO certification 9001:2015 for Quality Management building your confidence in us and what we deliver.

Fast Manufacturing

With production capabilities that can deliver premium quality products at scale, we build units very quickly with advanced machines.

Extensive Engineering

Our team has gained many years worth of experience working on very large scale products so we really understand what it takes to be a success.

Custom Functions

We can customize any terminal without usually any function or certification trade-off. Let us build your product just the way you want it.


Commercial Advantages of Digital Android™ Smart Terminals

Device Management

An MDM/UEM platform will be integrated deep into the OS layer for instant enrollment, security & on-going management.

Priced to Sell

While price isn't our only factor, we are very competitively priced and our customers can gain great products without breaking budgets.

Integrated Security

We build in security directly, from both a hardware and software perspective. Secure-by-Design is our forte for manufacturing.

Quick ROI

Our products are cost effective turning your ROI into something you can easily justify your investment in premium smart terminals.

Brand Recognition

We fully customise your terminal with your own brand allowing for full brand recognition for your customers and prospects.

SDK for Device Apps

We'll provide an SDK for our products so you can integrate your software directly into our hardware for device unification.

Financial Certifications

We provide every financial certification for every one of our payment terminals allowing you to deliver across global markets.


Our custom build is high-level and with a unified software and hardware build, your unit will match your exact requirement.

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