Manage & Control Industrial Infrastructure Without a VPN

TeamViewer IoT is an innovative remote connection service that enables you to instantly monitor and operate your industrial assets in manufacturing and production quickly and securely.

Servers with Different Colour's in Front of a Cloud

Connect, Monitor and Operate Your Machines Instantly & Securely

With a cloud dashboard, rule engine and fully documented APIs that can be used for any project. TeamViewer IoT enables companies in industries all over the world to set up high-value use cases with instant results

Prevent Downtime With Remote Access To Every Machine

With the touch of a button, you'll gain total visibility into the status and performance of your machines ,with real-time insights about the health of your equipment. You can remotely fix issues on-demand.

Industrial Workers with a Tablet in the hand

Remote Support of Machines

TeamViewer IoT empowers you to instantly connect, monitor and operate assets in manufacturing remotely - securely.

Cloudtexo Hardware

Cloudtexo integrates TeamViewer's AR solution directly into our 4K 5G AR Glasses to offer an instant out-of-the box end-to-end solution.

Augmented Reality

TeamViewer Assist AR is a comprehensive, scalable and cost-effective Augmented Reality solution that caters to multiple customers.


Your Remote Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Management Solution

Remote Operations

You can monitor and control your field devices from anywhere. You'll never need to schedule costly on-site maintenance.

Decrease Downtime

Increase your factory's efficiency and reduce downtime by operating equipment remotely. The ROI will be very fast.

Remote Alarms

Create alarms for downtime of production machines, with a range of parameters, which can then be fixed remotely.


Leverage TeamViewer’s Global Access Network for secure and easy-to-use connections, without the need of a complex VPN!

Reduce Field Services

Eliminate the need to send out staff to fix machines and speed up the ability to for machines to be offline.

Increase Productivity

The prevention of downtime increases the productivity of your users by avoid the fire-fight.


Remotely visualise what your M2M applications are doing in real-time and apply fast recovery times.

Predictive Pricing

Predictive pricing follows a SaaS model delivering flexibility, low cost and access anywhere.


Other Features & Benefits

Remote Control for Edge Devices
Remote Screen Grabbing
Combine remote control with monitoring
Predictive Maintenance Options
One-click Monitoring and Control
Real-time Data Visualization
App Connect
Simple Rule Engine for Admins
Multi-Condition Rules & Data Alerts
Fast, Flexible Integration
Remote Terminal
AppControl Capabilities

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