Secure & Scalable Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Scalefusion excels in Unified Endpoint Management, boasting a decade of experience. Their proficiency lies in delivering a streamlined, highly scalable solution tailored for Google Android, Apple iOS, MacOS, Linux, and Windows platforms.

Cloud connected Endpoints

Simplifying Complicated Enterprise Mobility for IT Admins

Through a single dashboard, IT administrators gain immediate access to essential tools for overseeing endpoints, applications, and data throughout their entire operation. This allows you to concentrate fully on your business activities.

One Powerful Product with Multi Use Cases

Scalefusion offers Unified Endpoint Management tailored to meet the intricate needs of contemporary businesses. The control features are user-friendly, readily accessible, and require minimal training.

Unified Endpoint Management

Corporate Owned

Implement streamlined and  robust automated security, management and application policies for all endpoints throughout your fleet of corporate-owned devices.


Turn your BYOD vision into reality and protect your company's data with ScaleFusion. Gain full control over apps & data on all your devices.

Kiosks, POS & Signage

Secure your devices by restricting access to essential apps & and services tailored to your specific needs. Harness the power of digital services to enhance efficiency.


Your Premium Unified Endpoint
Management (UEM) Solution

Cloud & On-Premises

Compliance and security play a significant role in the market. Scalefusion offers their product in two identical versions tailored just for you.


The platform is designed for scalability and is ideally tailored for installations where robust support for numerous devices is crucial.

Device Integration

Scalefusion effortlessly manages numerous devices via Android for Enterprise, Apple DEP, Windows Autopilot, and other platforms.


Every line of code crafted for the Scalefusion platform prioritises security. Security stands as a cornerstone of the Scalefusion platform.

Low Cost

The Scalefusion platform delivers excellent value for its affordability, ensuring a rapid return on investment for businesses of all sizes.

End-to-End Platform

Scalefusion caters to various scenarios with its platform extensions such as Multi-App Kiosk mode, Remote Control, Conditional Access, Secure Browser plus more.

Ease of Use

The Scalefusion console is user-friendly and designed to streamline the daily tasks of IT admins ensuring simplicity and effectiveness, 24/7/365.

Patch & Driver Updates

Scalefusion makes patching easy and effortless. With Update & Patch Management, you can push diverse software as well as driver updates with ease


Other Features & Benefits

Android for Enterprise
Conditional Access
Linux OS Supported
Device, App & Data Policies
Private & Public App Store
Apple DEP & VPP
Multi-App Kiosk Mode
OS/App Patch Management
Mobile & Web App Mgmt
Powerful Automation
Windows AutoPilot
Remote Control
Windows App Catalogue
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Identity Management

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