Protect Your Business Data On Every Mobile Device

Captor™ is an enterprise mobile app that enables secure content capture. Captor protects sensitive information while its robust app ensure regulations are being followed to ensure data compliance & security on any mobile device

Files in a Mobile Device

Capture and store your sensitive business-related content.

The Captor™ solution is a comprehensive mobile capture application that leverages IT policies, metadata and watermarking to identify, track and manage your captured corporate content.

Protect & secure data for every mobile user

Captor™ is the only solution that provides a complete capture and management system for mobile users. you can be confident in your data security while still having the flexibility to work from anywhere.

User scanning a document

Capture All Business Content

Maintain, enforce and automate data control across your mobile workforce delivering containment for sensitive data formats.

Deployed and Managed with UEM

The Captor solution is deployed via a UEM platform which allow you to centrally manage the app and set all app policies.

Compliance Driven

Data compliance is an issue for every business no matter the size. Captor brings order to your data workflow and ensures mobile compliance.


Your Only Mobile Secure
Content Capture

Capture Data Instantly

CAPTOR is the ultimate solution for anyone who needs to take pictures, record audio, read QR codes and scan documents all in one.

Backup Anywhere

Take your data and automate it to backup to any backend storage medium maintaining records and ensuring compliance 24/7/365.

Smart Search

Enhanced Search uses Optical Character Recognition & Speech Recognition tech to detect visible language, enabling quick content searches.

Compliance Solved

Silently log possible violations as employees use the app. When a violation is detected, it will be logged & reported to your EMM admin.

UEM Integration

Deployed and managed by a UEM platform and supports both a BYOD and a COPE program, which extends the value of UEM.

Trusted App

Leverage IT policies, metadata & watermarking to identify, track and manage captured content - all from a mobile device.

Multi-Data Container

Protects your sensitive data on devices and in transit while also preventing access to content when lost/stolen.


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Other Features & Benefits

Android for Enterprise Ready
Enforce Policies On-Demand
Isolated Data Container
Silent Compliance Logs
MDM Ready
Multiple Capture Mode
OCR and Speech Recogntion Engine
Microsoft Intune SDK
Encrypted Data Container
Compliance Alerting & Reporting
Captioning & Metadata Collection

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