Increase Your Buying Power For Every Deal

Cloudtexo offers you custom, highly effective finance structures & deals. You'll easily be able to deploy your innovation and achieve business growth while always protecting your true financial objectives.


Our Exclusive Finance Option

We offer you multiple advantages to prevent the challenges that you face, with finance to fund your innovative solutions & services. Minimize your customer pricing objections and eliminate the common cost objections. You get paid upfront so you no longer need to wait 30 days to get paid, and ensure repeat business.


Why You Should Consider Our Finance

We offer bundled financial structures for more complex hardware and software/services requirements where a varied combination of these areas, and maintenance is involved. There is no restriction on the percentage of each element involved in the financed project.

Meet your financial objective: This is where you seek a cash flow advantage, minimization of technology obsolescence risk, and the ability to make changes to the solution throughout the term.


Near Limitless Finance Solutions

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Endless Options

Global coverage. IT and Non-IT asset inclusion at any %. Any transaction size. Flexibility to match unique needs.

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Cashflow Advantage

Deal structuring means that your cashflow is used only for your critical requirements rather than everything else.

Cash Ideas

New Pricing Strategies

With the ability to fund any type of project, you can create favourable pricing to win new deals with old and new customers.

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Minimise Pricing Objections

We make it easier by selling you a flexible payment stream (monthly) and eliminating common objections.

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Get Paid Upfront

There is no need to wait on a customer for payment or how much they owe - we'll pay you upfront

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Nearly Zero Restrictions

Multi vendor, Minimal HW, SW, or Services ratio. Terms from just a few months through to 5 years+.


3 of the Most Important Finance Benefits For Partners

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Own The Customer Relationship

You need options around how to buy. Even the best solution will never sell if your customer cannot fit the costs into their budget. Eradicate these issues instantly.

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Don't Wait 30 Days For Payments

Financed solutions are paid within days of closing, eliminating any need to wait 30 days or more for customers to pay your invoice and remove stress of cashflow issues.

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Easily Obtain Repeat Customer Business

Your customers will reach out to you for new solutions at the end of their finance term. There is no need to worry about the next sales cycle and you can pre-plan ahead of time.


Cloudtexo & Ingram Micro Finance, Partner to Deliver Channel Finance Solutions

The C-suite of most businesses today is left with deliberations between their CEO, CTO and their service providers as to what changes should be made for the business, in order to survive, grow, retain profitability/minimize losses and remain viable for the long-term.

Those same service providers count on us, Cloudtexo, to help implement these necessary updates at an affordable price. Cloudtexo & Ingram Micro Financial Solutions can help you do just that with our custom deal structures.

The Next-Generation Distributor for Service Providers

Today's market requires reliable solutions that are focused on Mobility, Edge Computing, IoT/AIoT & Security. Learn how we can provide you with premium products that'll help your business thrive!