Increase Your Buying Power For Every Deal

With Cloudtexo, you can take advantage of custom finance solutions to empower your innovation and drive business expansion. Rest assured that every financial decision will be tailored for success, ensuring the protection of your objectives.


Our Exclusive Finance Option

Get paid up front and reduce customer objection to pricing with our unique solution. We provide the finance you need for your innovative solution & services so that you can solve even the most challenging problems, ensuring repeat business in a timely manner--allowing for reduced cost objections and worry free payments.


Why You Should Consider Our Finance

Our tailored bundled financial solutions allow you to create a comprehensive package that meets your unique hardware, software and services needs. With no limits on how much or little of each component is funded for the project, we'll help find an optimal financing solution perfect for you!

Reaching your financial goals requires strategic planning. Establish a cash flow advantage, reduce the risk of tech becoming outdated and create flexibility in the long-term to make changes as needed for optimal performance.


Near Limitless Finance Solutions

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Endless Options

Global coverage. IT and Non-IT asset inclusion at any %. Any transaction size. Flexibility to match unique needs.

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Cashflow Advantage

Deal structuring means that your cashflow is used only for your critical requirements rather than everything else.

Cash Ideas

New Pricing Strategies

With the ability to fund any type of project, you can create favourable pricing to win new deals with old & new customers.

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Eliminate Price Issues

We make it easier by selling you a flexible payment stream (monthly) and eliminating common objections.

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Get Paid Upfront

There is no need to wait on a customer for payment or how much they owe - we'll pay you upfront for every deal you close.

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Nearly Zero Restrictions

Multi vendor, Minimal HW, SW, or Services ratio. Terms from just a few months through to 5 years+. We got you covered.


3 of the Most Important Finance Benefits For Partners

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Own The Customer Relationship

Don't let budget constraints get in the way of acquiring a great solution. Make sure to have several buying options at your disposal and you'll be able to instantly eliminate any worries about price and close the next deal quickly.

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Don't Wait 30 Days For Payments

Financing solutions provide immediate relief from cashflow issues, allowing customers to pay within days of closing and eliminate the typical 30 day wait. Reap this reward today and remove any anxiety.

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Obtain Repeat Customer Business

Get the jump on your next sales cycle! By proactively anticipating customer needs at the end of their finance term, you can streamline processes and make sure that new solutions are always within reach.


Cloudtexo & Ingram Micro Finance, Partner Together to Deliver Channel Finance Solutions

As the change of times bring new challenges, C-suite executives face a difficult balance between making decisions that ensure their business remains viable in both the short and long term.

The right combination of financial flexibility and technical expertise can be hard to come by - but Cloudtexo & Ingram Micro Financial Solutions present an ideal opportunity.

With our custom deal structures, you get access to cutting edge updates without compromising your budget or future security!

The Next-Generation Distributor Disrupting Global Industries

Today's market requires reliable solutions that are focused on Mobility, Edge Computing, IoT/AIoT & Security. Learn how we can provide you with premium products that'll help your business thrive!