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Innovative Scalable Business Hardware

For over 2 decades Advantech has led the worldwide market with ground-breaking innovation delivering mission-critical hardware for multi-use cases across every sector.

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Hardware is Eating the World

Digital Transformation requires premium quality hardware to truly unlock the software capabilities beyond the OS layer and right down to the chip level.


Premium Hardware for Every Sector

Advantech believes that the future of industrial intelligence is now. They build IoT hardware and software solution stacks, for business clients who want ready access into a connected always-on world.

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Digital Signage, All-in-One Touch Computers & Interactive Kiosks

Providing new interactive customer experiences with innovative hardware and software is fast becoming the gold standard.


Network Servers & Interactive Terminals

With over 2 decades experience in the market delivering intelligent hardware to multiple industries, Advantech build and certify interactive kiosks and terminals, ATMs, industrial servers and so much more.

Kiosk and Network Servers

5G Storage Capacity & Network Expansion

Building 5G infrastructure requires simple, elastic based hardware capacity that is purpose built. Advantech Sky servers are fully customisable to meet your exact needs.


Edge Infrastructure & 5G Hardware for Telecom Operators

Advantech’s 5G Edge Servers and Appliances provide a solid, open foundation for service providers to deploy agile reliable network edge solutions and Ai & Machine Learning that break away from monolithic legacy architectures.

Multi-Colour Servers connected to Cloud with cable

SD-WAN Appliances

Advantech appliances are the perfect solution for organizations looking to integrate networking and computing technologies into a centralized platform that can be deployed quickly.


SD-WAN for MSP's with Low Cost Units

Advantech SD-WAN appliances are a flexible and innovative way to get the most out of your network. With Ethica's SD-WAN combined with you can optimize speeds for different locations across any enterprise.

SD-WAN Router with Security Padlock

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