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Digital transformation solutions are built on a foundational layer of simplicity, scalability, usability and profitability. Our portfolio has you well covered.


Our Exclusive Technology Portfolio Is Built For Service Providers and The SaaS Subscription Model

"You can grow your business with our help"  We provide you a simple and very scalable technology portfolio that is built to deliver "as-a service". Wrap around your own services to provide premium customer value. We'll support you every step of the way!

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Provide premium customer value by delivering proven technologies from our exclusive portfolio as a subscription service and consumed on demand.

Reduced Ongoing Operating Expenses

Our SaaS technologies are proven to reduce your OPex and ensure your as-a-service model is delivered without any significant overhead.

Less Time Worrying About Security

Whether you deliver software, hardware or a unified combination of both, we ensure that security is an area that will not concern you.

Extreme CapEx hardware cost savings

When you build your own device with us, you'll make a significant cost saving while always gaining a premium quality product.


Engineered for Every Industry

Our products are blended into the perfect solution for your industry. They're smart, secure & scalable to meet any challenge in today's competitive world.

Our vendors have extensive experience and are leaders in the industry. Our products work to combine benefits of today's technology into one set that is accessible for all customers, no matter what their needs may be.


The Markets We Provide Too

Enterprise Mobility

We hold many years of expertise in mobility and our portfolio is heavily focused for Mobile-First software and devices.


Our SD-WAN unlocks many benefits for SMBs and allows you to offer much more value when unlocking the network


We provide a wide variety of very premium quality devices for both office and industrial businesses incl 5G Ready for NSA/SA.


We provide an end-to-end RFID solution that provides simplicity, security and affordability with tags, labels and

Industrial IoT

With our experience in Mobile-First, we deliver low risk and security solutions which are absolutely perfect for IIoT

SaaS Software

We've built a SaaS portfolio allowing you to deliver multiple vendors in unison from our exclusive portfolio of technology leaders

Kiosks & POS

With a combination of hardware and software that our vendors provide, we deliver new customer experiences

Smart IoT

Our SIoT solution is heterogeneous and allows you to deliver IoT at scale with low cost, in-built security and simplicity


Without a network, most if not all technologies will not work. With deep packet inspection and full visibility, you'll secure every user.

5G Infra & Devices

5G will transform the way we do business and we specialise in making 5G core to your offering with devices and infrastructure.

Edge Infrastructure

The future is at the edge close to where the data is generated and the hardware we provide does it with ease

Custom Mobile & IoT

We build devices and experiences that allows you to unlock new markets and deliver value at scale with Mobile & IoT


Cloudtexo Partnership Benefits

Sales Training

We'll train your teams how to sell our products with a proven methodology that brings results.

Technical Training

We'll empower your technical teams to become experts in our products from the outset.

Engineering Resource

We have resource available to help you understand our innovative hardware solutions.

Digital Marketing

Your marketing team can work with us to present our solutions to your market easily.

Insider Knowledge

Being at the forefront of our market, we share our expert knowledge with our partners.

Deal Protection

We protect all of our partners with deals they have actively generated for peace of mind.

Product Management

Our product experts can support you with helping you sell our products to your customers.

Technical Services

We can provide a variety of technical services covering a wide range of skills from a pool of resource.


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