Secure Android™ Embedded Systems

We're the single-source provider of Android™ Embedded Systems that manufacture premium products with guaranteed Firmware Over-the-Air (F/OTA) updates.

IoT Embedded System Devices

Custom-Built Android™ Embedded Devices Delivering a Fast ROI & Low TCO

If your requirement is an Android™ Embedded System that removes the limitations of traditional Embedded Systems, then you've come to the right place. Our products contain guaranteed security & firmware updates, secure remote troubleshooting from anywhere and hardware that easily runs 24/7/365.

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Low Cost & Less Maintenance

We help our customers build products that will give them a low TCO. With many years of experience, you can trust us to deliver on a superior quality product.

Fast Design and Manufacturing

With the existing board designs, we've already integrated the Android OS directly down to the hardware layer. This ensures you product is ready quickly.

Fast Time To Market

Come up with an amazing idea, bring it to life and get your product in front of customers ASAP, so you can start delivering on that perfect customer experience.

Device Management Platform

With our fully compatible and secure MDM system, you can remotely manage your device and apps 24/7. This will ensure that it functions seamlessly at all times.


Our Expertise Will Define You a Superior Product

Embedded System PCBA

Building an Android™ Embedded Product is a fine art, and we have the knowledge and experience to ensure we can deliver a secure supreme product direct to the hardware layer.

Our embedded products are different from traditional systems, as we build you a product by taking advantage of the special capabilties of the Android Operating System.

Our in-house teams have already designed and manufactured products to a wide variety of markets and our guaranteed security sets us apart from outdated system. builders

We're confident that we can meet any need, no matter how complex. Our team is made up of experts in every field who work together to provide high quality solutions for our clients!


The Advantages of Our Custom Android™ Embedded Systems

Validated Board Design

Validated Board Design

By unifying our hardware and software processes, we can save you time, money and provide the most up-to date operating system on pre designed parts.

System on Chip (SOC)

Choice of SOC

We have a deep understanding of the many nuances that go into chipset choice, and we can guide you through every step ensuring long-term project success.

Experienced Team Member

Our Experience

The manufacturing process is a delicate balance of art and science. Experience should never be overlooked, as it always helps to deliver quality products

Cost Optimisation for BOM

BOM Optimization

The Bill-of-Materials (BOM) is the blueprint of your business and its every detail. This process allows us to make better decisions so we can deliver you the best product.

Firmware-over-the-Air (FOTA)

Firmware Over-the-Air

To ensure the safety of our customers, we proactively encourage all firmware updates and coordinated fixes for any potential vulnerabilities.

Global Industry Focus

Multi-Industry Focus

The use of embedded systems has expanded to include different industries and we have designed for customers in each industry globally.

Creative Design Products

Creative Design

The hardware, firmware and software experts of our team can help you create innovative designs with cutting-edge technology.

Multi-Product Focus

Multi-Products Focus

We offer a diverse range of products, from kiosks. signage to wearables. If you're looking for an complex unit or something basic—we've got it all!


Guaranteed Security for Every Unit Over-the-Air

Updare Device Over-the-Air (OTA)

New technology is rapidly emerging to meet the ever-changing needs of today's businesses.

With new devices being deployed every day, it becomes critical for organizations and their data security that these embedded systems be up-to-date with all current OS versions.

The rapid pace at which technology changes means most Embedded Systems are running significantly outdated software or even Linux modules from 3+ years ago!

This leaves them very vulnerable against cyber attacks which can quickly turn your company’s productivity into chaos - especially if they're not protected by an enterprise firewall.

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