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Transforming Multiple Industries Globally

Meferi is the fastest growing Next-Generation Auto-ID & Data-Capture (AIDC) manufacturer, globally. They empower businesses to enhance security, efficiency & productivity while reducing operational costs across every industry.

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Industry Transformation

A business model transformation occurs when a company digitizes a product or service previously delivered through traditional means, fostering innovation and pushing beyond conventional boundaries for improved business outcomes.


Premium 4G & 5G Secure Rugged Devices

Meferi Mobile Computers like the ME61 and the ME65 are perched at the forefront of the industry. With many enterprise functions, guaranteed security and premium architecture  - these devices suit every industry!

ME65 Android for Enterprise

Devices for Cold Storage

For cold chain use cut downtime by enabling quick data input in various temperatures. Ergonomic design enhances comfort for increased employee productivity.


Built for Extreme Environments

Discover the extraordinary capabilities of the Meferi ME74 & ME40K secure Ultra-Rugged and Rugged devices. Effortlessly elevate your business with peak performance for cold-chain ready and warehouse mobile computing.

Meferi ME74 & ME40k

Shopping Transformation

Transform your customers' shopping journey with cutting-edge personal shopping technology. Offer instant information and convenience to elevate their shopping experience to new heights.


Enhance In-Store Customer Interactions

Introducing the Meferi CIAO Intelligent Mobile Shopper Assistant - a state-of-the-art solution tailored for today's food retailers environment, certified as Android™ Enterprise Recommended (AER) for the highest level of security.

Meferi CIAO Intelligent Mobile Shopper Assistant

Tablet Computing

Rugged Tablets can adapt to various environments, from offices to extreme conditions. They offer reliable computing and communication for a seamless experience anywhere.


Versatile Rugged Tablet for All Your Needs

The Meferi MT55 tablet is a high-tech device. Rugged tablets are vital for smooth operations in commercial settings and unmatched in industrial automation applications for their robust process handling.

Meferi MT51 Tablet

Next-Gen Price Checkers

Forward-thinking retailers understand that the digital price check touchpoint is an underutilised yet engaging interactive tool for customers. These in-store digital touchpoints are highly effective in providing customers with precisely what they need, precisely when they need it.


Enhance Customer & Employee Experience

The Meferi MC45 Price Checker is a versatile tool for modern retail, with advanced features, in-built security, robust performance, and a durable design. Ideal for enhancing operations and customer service in retail.

Meferi MC45 Price Checker

Apps & Data Transformation

Unleash your environment's potential with the Mounted Computer - the ultimate solution for displaying your apps & data in supermarkets, shopping malls, and various industries. This device can be mounted on any vehicle, even forklifts.


From the Warehouse Direct to the Store

The Meferi MT44 Mounted Computer is a versatile solution for displaying data in supermarkets, malls, stores, and diverse industries. It can be mounted on vehicles like forklifts, suitable for production, warehouse, transport and more.

Meferi MT44 Mounted Computer

Wearable Productivity

Durable wearable scanners have surfaced as a pioneering solution to enhance productivity and efficiency, tackling prevalent challenges in warehousing effectively.


Handsfree Excellence on Another Level  

ME10 coupled with the MS300R redefine tasks with rapid scanning, NFC instant pairing, and advanced barcode capture. Whether in warehousing or retail, rely on this duo's ergonomic design and top-tier precision.

Meferi ME10 Wearable

Mobile Device Storage

Bid farewell to device damage, loss, and theft, and welcome streamlined operations with Smart Cabinets. Your devices are kept secure, charged, and primed for action, enhancing efficiency.


Intelligent Device, Security & Mangement

Introducing the MEFERI Secured Intelligent Cabinet IC150: the future of efficient, secure,and smart mobile device storage and management tailored for modern enterprises and retailer's

MEFERI Secured Intelligent Cabinet IC150

Scanning Transformation

Within businesses, scanning technology serves a multitude of functions, boosting productivity and elevating customer experiences.


Wearable Ring & Barcode Scanner

The scanning technology of the Meferi MS300R and MS22C is revolutionising their specific applications with superior scanners and ergonomic designs that users adore using.

Meferi MS300R and MS22C

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