Digital Transformation Requires a Secure and Reliable Network


Uncover Many Benefits and Deliver the Power of SD-WAN for Everyone

SD-WAN has only ever been affordable for very large enterprises but that has now changed. We deliver the many benefits of our SD-WAN by lower costs, high grade security and technical simplicity.

SD WAN Orchestrator, Routers and Laptops and Desktops Connecting

Unified Software & Hardware

Today's software driven world is often touted as the only way for digital transformation. For networking, one of the core pillars for digital, a fully tested and compatible, scalable unified option is the correct approach to you network.


Ethica's CloudAccess is Embedded into the Advantech Appliance

By combining 2 premium vendors together, you've got a highly secure, low cost and very scalable SD-WAN solution. The deeply integrated unified solution allows service providers to deliver a critical service.

Ethica Advantech Logos

Intel Driving Network Security Layers

The Ethica SD-WAN software is deeply embedded into the purpose built long-lasting Intel-driven Advantech SD-WAN appliance, offering customers pure reliability, security,  scalability and quality.


Premium Network Hardware Security

While the magic of software brings innovation to the networking layer, premium hardware with Intel delivers the highest level of security possible, and combined delivers a unbreakable security layer.

SD-WAN Orchestration & Automation

Service providers can deliver a service that dynamically meets the requirements your customer with their app availability 24/7.


Ethica SD-WAN for SMB's is Built with QoS

Gain the visibility and service level guarantee to ensure your network driven solutions always gain access to network resources for business-critical applications and communication services.

Bonding Your Connectivity

Being able to bond multiple connections from different providers, build link aggregation and up-time guarantees, is absolutely critical to every digitally driven business.


Visualise & Control Your Apps on Any Network

With visibility into every application running across your bonded network you'll ensure security, availability and always maintain control of apps that run your business.