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Turning Kiosks Into New Customer Experiences

Kiosks are providing new ways for people to interact and consume information they seek without having to speak to other people. Our kiosks come in many shapes and sizes.

Kiosk and Signage Solutions

There is no one size fits all when it comes to use cases, sizes, functions, features and market sectors. We have a full solution for whatever the scenario.


Share Information to Your Audience Instantly

Digital signs are an effective way of conveying public information, sharing product info with customers and creating interactive experiences that encourage consumers to make decisions.

Turn Tablets into Kiosks

Ethica deeply embed their software into the purpose built long-lasting Advantech SD-WAN appliance, offering customers pure reliability, security,  scalability and quality.


Turn Tablets Into Multi-Function Kiosks

Tablets coupled with tablet enclosures create kiosks that serve multi-use cases and deliver simple and effective new services driven by apps or videos for enhanced customer interaction.

Point of Sale Built For Digital Transformation

Whether your use case is border control, payments, access control, banking, elections, eID or other biometric services, we got you covered with off-the-shelf or custom built units.


Digital POS For Every Use Case & Scenario

Point-of-Sale is fast changing the way businesses take transactions from their customers. We supply handheld, cash registers and kiosks with payment certifcations & security.

Manage Every Digital Asset

Kiosks, Signage and POS hardware requires integrated software to make it usable.
Our SaaS service enables you to deliver full blown software driven services or basic management and automation capabilities.


We Got The Software You Absolutely Need

Whether you just want to manage your units remotely or need full blown design, content management, ad creation, analytics, automation software, Our certified SaaS partners deliver.

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