Industry 4.0 is Driving Digital Change on a Global Scale


Every Industrial Business is Being Disrupted Today

The world is transforming and industrial business are at the forefront of that change. With data driving decision making because technology is uncovering inefficiencies, businesses must "evolve or dissolve"

Digitizing Transport & Logistics

RFID and digital applications & devices are driving substamtial changes for many business across the T&L sector. The move to streamlined services requires the best hardware and software combinations for success.


Fine-Tuning Digitizing Outdated Processes

The Transport and Logistics sector is always looking strategically to drive down costs, provide extra security on the goods they carry, lower TCO and deliver new business efficiences at scale.

The Future with Smart Buildings is Today

IoT is being applied to a wide range of industries, including residential properties, offices to hotels. Smart technology with powerful automation increases value to these buildings, significantly.


Improving the Way People Work, Rest & Play with IoT

IoT is making waves in the real estate industry. The technological advancements have forever changed how we obtain and interact with property, particularly buildings where people work, rest and play.

Transform Your Manufacturing at Scale

IoT in manufacturing companies improve efficiency with critical data on production that would otherwise go unnoticed by human eyes or ears.


Uncover Inefficiency & Boost Productivity

The way forward in digital transformation offers many benefits for both workers and managers looking at ways to boost productivity, without hiring more people into an ever-growing workforce

Energy Management

With energy consumption now increasing, alternative greener forms of energy driven by government legislation is now being used heavily. These forms of energy still needs to be managed to deliver on their premise of value.


Energy Management for Business to Business

With smart homes within smart cities now being built globally, monitoring and management of the smart infrastructure requires a solution that is purpose built to achieve project success.

Work & Home Automation

Smart Homes within Smart Cities are being built with Smart products. Automation wihin these products is how to deliver the smart building concept in full.


IoT is Mobile-First for Simplicity

Whether you have a smart product in a work building, hotel or your home, a mobile device will be interfacing with the product for pure management and control. Mobile-First drives IoT solutions.

Smart Products for Work & Play

IoT products in any smart building can range from sensors, thermostats, control panels, lighting, heating and air-conditioning, to a lot more. We make it work together and allow you to remove inefficiences inside your building.


Drive Change with Green Technology

With sustainability now top of the agenda whether you are at home or at work, you'll be looking at way to remove inefficient parts and turn your building into an automated place that you want to be.